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Game of Defense Game of Defense Game of Defense
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Game description: Tower Defense Type RPG Game - Challenge yourself for Epic Battle Welcome to REON, welcome to humanity’s last hope. The year is 2150 and we have reached a near-critical extinction stage. Every death is now treated like a million deaths - and we cannot afford to lose another survivor. In ancient lands, a ruthless race of beasts awoke, causing havoc on the once peaceful land. Etched in legends, the Titans are destined to destroy the world - but the survivors of the Estorian outpost refuse to let that happen. REON Defense was formed with one simple purpose: to defend the land from the huge Titan monsters. Become a Defender and a fighter - the world awaits your courage. Behind the chaos is the Demon Emperor, a heartless being capable of unfathomable destruction. It is REON’s duty to trap his soul in the 13 mighty fortresses - destroying his control and ripping him of his power. Join REON Defense in a battle of epic proportions. Become the greatest Defender the world has ever seen and take down mighty beasts with the swipe of your sword. Go to battle and focus your army of REON - do you have what it takes to defend the Heart of the Seals? Activate potions and use your finger to control the army - we will not perish and we will not lose this war. REON is our last hope, our last stand and our latest civilization - survive as long as you can, through harsh days and under the attack of the all-powerful Titan race.

Game features: Do you have what it takes to be the REON warrior this planet deserves? - Exciting, 3D gameplay with realistic animations. - Endless fun for only the bravest of warriors! - Defeat the monsters and take back what is ours!