The Bobots - Robot Game v1.0.2

The Bobots - Robot Game The Bobots - Robot Game The Bobots - Robot Game
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Game description: Meet Bobots - living in magic world of Boboland. Bobots are special robot pets, who love to have a fun, dance and talk to others. The Bobots is pet caring game, where you should take care of your robots, fondle them, feed them. You can breed new hybrid bobot types with cross-breeding. There are also special bobot types who are feeding and entertaining other bobots. You can breed for example Rocker Bobot, and they will perform rock music and make all bobots to dance under it. You can also decorate bobot spaces with stylish decoration, visit friends spaces and help them out with their stuff. Game is available from the creatures of Birdland, Fish Adventure and Lovely Pets.