Brick Breaker 3D Puzzle Blocks v4.0

Brick Breaker 3D Puzzle Blocks Brick Breaker 3D Puzzle Blocks Brick Breaker 3D Puzzle Blocks
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  • Updated: 2013-11-19 12:43:04

Game description: Test your reflexes in this brand new 3D Brick Breaker game! Challenging, addictive and smooth gameplay with excellent graphics and sound effects makes this game one of the best breakout puzzle arcade games on Google Play! "Brick Breaker 3D by No Zombies is an innovative game that uses Unity 3D to bring out the fun in classic Arkanoid brick breaking!" - rated 4/5 on Applorer

Game features: - 3 control modes (tilt, touch and on screen buttons) - online leaderboards and achievements (OpenFeint). - 3 difficulty levels - no birds and no zombies, just a couple of blocks - OpenGL 3D graphics with particle engine and 3D sound - no animals were hurt during the making of the game (just a couple of developers)