Tizzy Drive v1.0

Tizzy Drive Tizzy Drive Tizzy Drive
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Game description: Move over Mom and Dad!!! Theres a new driver in the house, and they want the keys to the car to go on a Tizzy Driving Adventure. The latest smash hit release from Tizzy Labs brings your child the wonder and excitement of driving their very own vehicle, on the open road, for the first time. Choose your character, pick up your map, and start your adventure… - Pick and Sort Strawberries in the Strawberry Patch - Help a family of Ducks cross the road safely - Play an assortment of games in your very own Camper - Feed the Goldfish in a Beautiful Outdoor Aquarium - Custom Music to Help Augment the Journey - Universal Apps (Plays on your iPad and your iPhone/iTouch) - Plus so much more Tizzy Driving Adventure, by Tizzy Labs, makes learning fun. Q&A 1) What kinds of activities are featured? There are all sorts of games for your child to enjoy. Connect the Dots ( Dot to Dots ), Matching Games, Sorting Games, Color and Size based Games, Counting Games, Imaginative Games, as well as reinforcing the basics using Cognitive Learning Skills, Visual Spatial Skills & Fine Motor Skills. 2) Does my child need to be able to read English in order to play? Absolutely not. Tizzy Seasons uses activities, instead of text based games to show your child all the fun of the Seasons. Regardless of the country you live in your toddler /or preschooler will be able to pick up this app and have a blast playing it.