Foodie Monsters! v1.0.2.1

Foodie Monsters! Foodie Monsters! Foodie Monsters!
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Game description: "Foodie Monsters" is an instinctive cutting puzzle game from Kuma the Bear! Use the simple swipe controls to cut food into even pieces for all the hungry little cute monsters! No registration or complicated controls required! Welcome to a mysterious island where everybody is friends, but there is trouble dividing food. Someone always goes hungry, but now you can help! Cut food into even pieces! "Foodie Monsters" is easy to play! 1. Food appears! 2. Rotate the food 360 degrees so it is easy to cut! 3. Use swipe controls to cut food for the little cute monsters! Thats all there is to it! The more even the pieces, the happier everyone will be! Many types of food will come out, so you may get hungry! Rotate the food 360 degrees to cut it evenly! The little cute monsters live in many environments. Forests, deserts, oceans, snowlands, and even outer space! Satisfy the little cute monsters who live in each environment! Over 100 types of food and 320 stages await! The food ranges from the easy oranges and melon pan to the difficult lobster and crabs! Pizza in 5 pieces! Pork buns in 3 pieces! Takoyaki in 6 pieces! The further you progress, the trickier the difficulty! Keep cutting food to feed all of the little cute monsters! Trust your instincts and become the Cutting Master! 【Foodie Monsters Highlights】 * Train your instincts! Easy to play and enjoy * Perfect for killing some time! Great for short breaks * Over 100 types of delicious looking food * The little monsters are all so cute! - COLOPL, Inc - 的“美食家怪物”球磨熊是一种本能切割益智游戏!使用简单的刷卡控制,以削减食品成片,甚至为所有饥饿的小可爱的怪物!没有登记或复杂的控制要求!欢迎来到一个神秘的小岛 大家是朋友, 但有麻烦除以食物. 总是有人挨饿, 但现在你能有所帮助! 食物切成片,甚至! “美食家怪兽”,很容易打! 1.食品出现! 2.食物360度旋转,所以很容易切! 3.使用刷卡控制,以削减食品的小可爱的怪物! 这是所有有给它! 甚至更多的碎片,每个人都将是快乐的! 许多种类的食物出来,所以你可能会得到饿了! 食品360度旋转,均匀地削减它! 小可爱的怪物在许多环境中生活.森林,沙漠,海洋,雪域,乃至太空! 满足谁住在每个环境中的小可爱的怪物! 超过100种食品和320阶段等待! 食物的范围从简单的橙子和冬瓜锅困难的龙虾和螃蟹! 比萨在5件!猪肉包子3枚!章鱼6件! 进一步你的进步,棘手的困难! 保持切割的粮食来养活所有的小可爱的怪物! 相信你的直觉,并成为切割法师! 【美食家怪兽亮点】 *训练你的直觉!易于发挥和享受 *完美查杀一段时间!短暂的休息大 *超过100种美味食品 *小怪物都太可爱了! - COLOPL公司 -