Bad Red v1.2

Bad Red Bad Red Bad Red
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Game description: Bad Red is funny game with physics that needs logic thinking . Your mission is to get rid of angry and bad Red Squares and to save good and happy Green Squares. Different colours represent various emotions: red is bad and angry, blue is dull, orange is strange, green is happy. So with this game you learn also how to sort out your inner emotional world and be in positive happy mood always. No more words - just start to play this cool game: save the humanity by killing the red! Bad Red is a physics based logic game that can improve your brain power and change your mood, not to mention your thoughts on gaming. By eliminating the angry red, boring blue, and strange orange squares, you will save the happy green squares! Challenge the logic game and improve your inner emotional states at the same time! Gaming to make yourself happier, is an amazing concept. It can only be described as an innovative and mood altering experience. You can even challenge your friends to beat your score.