Tap Strike v1.041

Tap Strike Tap Strike Tap Strike
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  • Updated: 2014-5-3 18:01:00

Game description:   Welcome to Tap Strike, the game that tests your reflexes and coordination. Fast paced game-play, on-the-spot thinking and an original concept make this the ultimate mobile gaming experience for the gamer on the go; or anyone whos looking to try something new, something a bit different.
  - Tap the on circles to turn them from Red to Blue.
  - You can only tap 1 circle at a time.
  - Circles will turn back to red after some time.
  - If you tap a circle that is already blue, you lose 1 life.
  - Tap Strike can be played in more than one way: using your thumb(s), index finger(s) or just what feels comfortable.
  > Levels are split into zones. Complete all levels in a zone to unlock the next zone!
  > Challenge your friends! See who has the fastest reflexes and who can get to the highest level.
  > Pick up and play! Its easy to get into Tap Strike at a moments notice.
  > Achievements! Unlock Achievements to demonstrate your skill (uses "Swarm").
  > Quirky sound effects! Tap Strike features an array of arcade sound effects that youll love.
  > Improve your coordination and reflexes while playing a game!
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  If you enjoyed Flappy Bird, then you will love Tap Strike!

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