Fatty Bat: Cave Runner v1.0.2

Fatty Bat: Cave Runner Fatty Bat: Cave Runner Fatty Bat: Cave Runner
  • Type: Skill Games
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  • Updated: 2014-5-28 18:41:45

Game description: Bat named Betty loves to eat and sleep. Once gorged itself bug, she realized that he can not fly unaided. Upon reflection, the mouse decides to fix his life away with voracity and do sports. Throw a lot of it could have, but work out too much for her. The player will assume the role of coach and help the mouse to lose weight for her flapping wings.
  Accompany your mouse and help her overcome obstacles and condensing the greatest possible distance.
  Familiar and adored by many gameplay.
  Beautiful graphics.
  Atmospheric setting.
  Randomly generated obstacles.
  Minimum system requirements:
  1. Android 2.3
  2. Display resolution of 800x480