Alien Garden v1.4.1

Alien Garden Alien Garden Alien Garden
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Game description: A space seed has fallen from the sky into your garden and alien plants were born! Discover these amazing creatures and make them grow. Will you have the alien green thumb? Alien Garden is a puzzle game in which you have to slide and combine little plants in order to obtain bigger plants. if you loved "Threes", "1024" and "2048" you will be crazy for Alien Garden: the visual alternative to the famous gameplay! The basic idea here is you take a "seed" card and a "pot" card, mash them together, and end up with a "tiny plant" card. Now Combine two equal plants to obtain a bigger plant. Go on combining equal plants in order to fill all the board with the biggest plant you can obtain. This game appears simple at first glance, but quickly becomes highly addictive as you aim to beat your high score. Managing the board while planning several moves ahead becomes essential.