3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man v1.0.2

3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man 3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man 3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man
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Game description: Herobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man - game of the horror genre, in the style of minecraft. The games protagonist enters an abandoned the maze created by the most dreadful and terrible Herobrine, to search for diamonds. But not all so is simple, not only Herobrine dwells in this maze, here you can meet the spirit Slender, who took part diamonds to your hands, you have to find all the diamonds in the labyrinth and to collect the diamonds from the Slender. Your mission is to collect 100 diamonds in the game and return to the door. Be careful Herobrine may be in the most unexpected places, look into the darkness and run away at the sight of bright white eyes ... PS: For a full immersion in the game, add sound to maximum volume, as the game has a secret room in the wall, which we can only know by the sound coming out of the wall...