The secret garden v1.0

The secret garden The secret garden The secret garden
  • Type: Nurturance Games
  • Language: Japanese
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  • Updated: 2014-10-10 9:27:27

Game description: Mans roman; "high-school girl raising game." In this game, youll able to see what is going on in girls high school! As you know, girls high school is where boys are not allowed to enter... In those environment, girls grow up variously. 【How to play】 1:Lets study with the pretty high-school girls! During studying time, you can talk about many topics! 2.Collect the words that appears on the note book! The evolve gauge below will be filled by that. 3.When the gauge is filed the high-school girl evolves! High school girls will grow up variously. 4.Using a secret item, ultimate evolve will happen! Lets try to raise the rare high school girl! 【Recommended to】 ・Who wonder whats going on in girls high school. ・Who likes high-school girls! Even if your a girl! ・Who wants to play a raising game to kill time.