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    • Racing Moto

      Racing Moto v1.1.2

      A fast sports motorcycle game, in reality, you may not open so fast, but here you can achieve your ideal. Incredible how fast the traffic peak hours to control your motorcycle! On the road to enjoy the beautiful scenery - the city, idges, sea and forest!...

      Updated:2011-8-25 21:37:00

    • Bounce Classic

      Bounce Classic v1.1.1

      Bounce Classic is a fanmade remake of the Nokia Bounce game(Nothing to do with nokia). Role as Bounce the ball, through a lot of mazes and set him free. Try your best, its not impossible ;-). For on screen controls, Im working on a new version. Control: Move your...

      Updated:2012-7-26 12:28:20

    • Racer 3D

      Racer 3D v1.0.1

      Half million users in one weekend! Never has a racing game felt so intuitive! "Touch Racing Nitro" is a racing game like no other. With 100% touch-control oriented design you will drive, drift, jump, launch nitros and fly over your opponents at the touch of a finger!...

      Updated:2011-6-9 10:53:28

    • Jubeat Plus

      Jubeat Plus v1.1

      Konami’s touch screen Bemani game is leaving the arcades and going straight to the iPhone app store. Jubeat plus is in the works, which uses turns the iPhone’s screen into animated buttons. You tap these in a set order, sometimes in snaking patterns, to the beat....

      Updated:2011-7-23 10:48:25

    • Angel Piano

      Angel Piano v1.0.9

      Everyone can easily play the piano,even if you never played a piano,fun.simple. This is music game. You can easily play the piano, even if you never played a piano before, play as follow instructions, can play a good music, fun and simple....

      Updated:2011-8-12 20:57:15

    • Car Park Challenge

      Car Park Challenge v1.1.3

      Prove you have what it takes to the NRMA Insurance Car Park Challenge. Did you know that 1 in 7 collisions occur in car parks? Put your driving skills to the test with Car Park Challenge from NRMA Insurance. Try not to damage your car as you drive through 10 levels f...

      Updated:2011-9-26 22:23:01

    • X Construction

      X Construction v1.3.1

      Build a idge to let the train safely cross the valley. Build a idge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley. The lite version and the extended version cannot share the savegames. You will have to rebuild if you get the extended ve...

      Updated:2011-10-8 18:15:15

    • Pig Rush

      Pig Rush v1.4.4

      The hit iOS game now on Android. See why *2.5 MILLION* people love Pig Rush! Pig Rush is a game that is fun for the whole family. Kids love it - if they can get it away from their parents!! ...

      Updated:2011-9-26 15:22:45

    • Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D

      Paper Glider Crazy Cop v1.4

      Race through the city and escape burning barns in the explosive 3D adventure! Experience the ultimate copter racing adventure in Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D! Prepare to race through the city and escape burning barns as you dodge dangerous enemies in your path! Max ...

      Updated:2011-10-24 21:06:27

    • Return Zero Free

      Return Zero Free v1.0.21

      Do you have what it takes to bend time? Return Zero is a ✭ beautiful ✭ psychedelic ✭ ultrafast 3D tunnel racer. If racing past mad-fast, frantic mazes set out in virtual, TRON like worlds is your thing, then Return Zero is definitely the game for you. Gameplay: Co...

      Updated:2012-1-6 23:56:56

    • TightRope Walker

      TightRope Walker v1.9

      TightRope Walker 3D Android platform, the first to take the cable type 3D game! Walking a tightrope Master 3D is a thrilling and exciting action game Rely on your cell phone, you need to keep the body balanced, Continued stable went destination Along the way t...

      Updated:2013-2-10 23:46:37

    • Aces 3D Brick Breaker

      Aces 3D Brick Breaker v1.0.7

      Crossing a classic game with 3D fun to create Aces 3D Brick Breaker! Have you ed the standard Brick Breaker game? Are you ready for a new challenge? Aces 3D Brick Breaker creates an exciting new 3D Brick Breaker experience! With lifelike physics the ball is able to mo...

      Updated:2011-9-14 21:25:02

    • Grabatron

      Grabatron v1.3.0

      Grabatron is the latest massively addicting game from the makers of Hungry Shark. Take control of a UFO with a retractable claw and destroy the puny humans! Terrorise them anyway you like: Toss them, crush them, abduct them - its up to you. Explore a huge and va...

      Updated:2011-12-31 16:42:47

    • Tightrope Walking

      Tightrope Walking v1.0

      Tightrope Walking the Cat finally has a date after many many years loneliness, however the only way he can get there on time is via a dangerous tightrope! Its up to you to use your cat-like reflexes on the touch-screen to keep his balance and decide whether he has a d...

      Updated:2011-10-23 21:19:26

    • Fox-3

      Fox-3 v1.1

      Think you have the reflexes of a fighter pilot? Dodge and weave your way through a treacherous canyon at eak-neck speeds as you hunt down the enemy fighter jet. Addictive, easy to learn controls yet a fantastic test of reflexes and skill. ★ Bright, crisp high defini...

      Updated:2013-7-8 18:30:28

    • Impossible Jump

      Impossible Jump v1.06

      "Impossible Jump" quite possibly the worlds hardest game! With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of ...

      Updated:2012-3-10 13:35:09

    • Boost 2

      Boost 2 v1.0.5

      REQUIRES ANDROID 2.2 AND UP Boost 2: Now available on Android. Boost 2 has finally arrived to the Android Market! For a limited time, this game will be sold at a special launch price of $0.99. "...among the iPhone tunnel games, Boost is king" - Touch Arcade "It ...

      Updated:2012-10-4 12:00:52

    • Arcade Ball

      Arcade Ball v1.0.3

      Everyones favorite arcade ball game now on the Android! Are you ready for the ultimate arcade experience? Everyones favorite arcade ball game now on the Android! Arcade Ball is easy to pick up and play, but be warned, youll get addicted! Just like those old days bac...

      Updated:2011-10-9 20:52:44

    • Zen Pinball THD

      Zen Pinball THD v1.10

      Zen Pinball THD is the ultimate pinball experience on Tegra devices! Holiday Sale! Wolverine and Fantastic Four are now on sale for $0.99 from 1223 - 1230! From the creators of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and Pinball FX2, comes Zen Pinball THD, the most exciting mo...

      Updated:2012-1-21 22:12:09

    • Hanger

      Hanger v1.9

      Swing your way through the levels. Dont lose too many body parts! Hanger - the hit game series with over 60 million plays is now available for Android! Use your rope to swing your way through each level. Try not to lose any limbs along the way! ** Features ** -...

      Updated:2014-9-24 10:59:50

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