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    • Planet Gold Rush

      Planet Gold Rush v1.6.1

      Welcome to Planet Gold Rush! Grab your gear, Young Buck, theres gold in them hills just waitin for you! Strike it rich in this fun-filled gold mining game where you can explore and survey gold-rich lands, pull the gold from the earth, wash it, and make GOLD BARS! Thi...

      Updated:2017-11-14 15:49:29

    • Knight Warriors Knight Warrio v1.2 A and new io game by Clown Games! Defeat your enemies and grow your sword to become the winner battle arena. Use your sword to beat as many goons as possible. Run away from your enemies and collect the colourful blobs to build up your character. Whet...

      Updated:2017-10-18 10:54:52

    • Tower Defense-Castle TD

      Tower Defense-Castle T v1.02

      Defend your Kingdom and Castle from enemy rush! Battle with legions of savage orcs, goblins, fierce dwarfs, wolves, evil wizards and even dragons. Epic battle awaits you! You will have to use your smartest strategy, because the enemy hordes are marching quickly. Lots...

      Updated:2017-9-14 12:37:04

    • Food Conga

      Food Conga v1.0.1

      Welcome to Food Conga! Your job is simple: collect matching food to form an edible conga line and lead them to your hungry patrons! The longer your conga line, the bigger your reward! Successfully completed orders will help you earn rewards, unlock new themed restaurant...

      Updated:2017-8-19 11:10:39

    • Nonstop Chuck Norris

      Nonstop Chuck Norris v1.1.2

      Playable with just one thumb, support Chuck and awl with infinite enemy hordes. But no stress - Chuck will even continue to fight and earn rewards while you take a eak! ...

      Updated:2017-2-24 18:57:16

    • Chicken Run 2017

      Chicken Run 2017 v0.9.2

      Who said chickens cant fly?! Make them flap their tiny wings! Journey through beautiful hills to help little chickens find their moms. Use the one-finger touch play to jump, until this annoying gravity ings you back down to earth. ...

      Updated:2017-1-8 17:42:56

    • Universe Rush

      Universe Rush v1.1.3

      Try out Universe Rush, the dynamic sci-fi setting of the upcoming game! From the vast space to the stunning orbital combats, Universe Rush dazzles with a visual parade of special effects, powered by Unity3D engine. Are you ready to defend your colony from the inva...

      Updated:2014-1-12 10:28:46

    • Star Wars - Force Scramble

      Star Wars - Force Scra v4

      This is only a GFX DEMO! Even if you can chose crafts from the hangar, flying around and shooting things, but there is NO GOAL! Its original purpose was to learn the basics of the UNITY 3D engine and how to create games! So its not a completed project, but i think it...

      Updated:2013-11-15 15:12:45

    • Titanium Backup

      Titanium Backup v4.8.4

      You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can ...

      Updated:2013-10-16 19:18:03