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    • Forevolution

      Forevolution v1.3

      Were writing it the Forest World and reading it the New World. The Ecosystem Simultion Game "Forevolution" has been upgraded, and is coming to Android ! The only thing you can do as a God is to 【Thin Out】the world. ○The food-chain game with a lot of strange and...

      Updated:2018-4-18 10:58:59

    • Sacrifices

      Sacrifices v1.0.6

      Rule and guide a mesoamerican village through the vicissitudes of everyday life in the heart of a ruthless jungle. Manage a cute rural village, be the heartless divinity you always intended to be and suffer our debatable humor in this god-game-meets-town-sim. Decide w...

      Updated:2017-12-27 10:56:50

    • Toy Shop

      Toy Shop v1.0

      Calling everyone who has dreamed of having a toy shop: Candys shop is now ready for you! Open the shop and walk into the fantasy world, where all the toys youve been longing for could be found. If you get any inspiration of designing something and want to have some D...

      Updated:2017-12-4 16:21:48

    • Kitchen Queen - Cooking Mania

      Kitchen Queen - Cookin v5.1.3103

      Welcome to your cooking world! Crazy Cooking Chef featured with time-management and food-cooking RPG gameplay. Cook food of different flavors with professional machines. Acid, bitter, sweet, or spicy. Cook hamburger, seafood, spaghetti, steak. Make cola, juice or mi...

      Updated:2017-11-21 12:43:01

    • Gobin Shop

      Gobin Shop v1.0.1

      This is a pixel-art simulation game in which the player runs a shop, together with RPG adventures. In Goblins Shop, the player is a goblin who has been bullied by humans and he always wants to get it even. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Goblin realizes that he is too we...

      Updated:2017-9-19 12:15:04

    • Railway Bridge Construction

      Railway Bridge Constru v1.1

      Fan of Construction games? Well wait no more and play our latest game the railway idge construction. The railway idge construction is one the best Railway line construct and provides you with many new features and learning’s about how train tracks are constructed over i...

      Updated:2017-8-19 11:03:22

    • High School Simulator 2018

      High School Simulator v2.2

      Please enjoy high school life in Japan. You can customize boys and girls. 2018 version improves the quality of school and students....

      Updated:2017-7-17 11:20:09

    • Tourist Transporter Ship

      Tourist Transporter Sh v1.0.1

      After the overwhelming response of Army Criminals Transport Plane Army Criminals Transport Ship Fazo Studio presents another transport game to expand our transport games series, we ing Tourist Transporter Ship Game packed with Tourist bus driver simulation, Tourist Hel...

      Updated:2017-2-14 11:09:08

    • Ice Cream Bar

      Ice Cream Bar v8.8.9.00

      Miumiu is inviting you run an ice cream bar factory with her where you are in charge of making ice cream bars with tasty and funny flavors. Try out the cool machines and tools to make good looking ice cream bars with interesting taste. ...

      Updated:2016-12-4 19:43:57

    • Heavy Excavator Simulator

      Heavy Excavator Simula v1.1.1

      Get ready to live like a city builder in Heavy Excavator Simulator PRO game. This new city construction site game offers you variety of road builder and sand excavator trucks each with their own mission and difficulty....

      Updated:2016-12-3 16:53:05

    • TumorDoctor

      TumorDoctor v1.0.2

      "Tumor Doctor"Is a cancer treatment simulation game. In this game, you will play a life-saving oncology doctor, for your patients to relieve pain, to help them build confidence in life. You need to carefully watch the patients physical state, immunity state, eliminate ...

      Updated:2016-11-21 20:18:42

    • Extreme Forklifting 2

      Extreme Forklifting 2 v1.11

      Always dreamed of becoming a forklift operator? Now you can! You get to drive a forklift, move pallets around and do crazy stunts. Features: - The forklifting adventure youve always been dreaming of! - Experience the glamorous life of a warehouse worker. - Real...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:59:58

    • Lion Simulator 3D Adventure

      Lion Simulator 3D Adve v1.1

      A Lion has been let loose in the medieval forest. Your soul has entered his body and you must go hunt to find food. This adventure game is not for everyone. This game is part free play and part mission based. This game is not easy and it will be difficult to complete al...

      Updated:2016-5-16 14:14:38

    • PaperPlaneSimulator

      PaperPlaneSimulator v1.0

      In control of a paper plane, try to go through all the obstacles....

      Updated:2016-5-13 14:20:14

    • Roller Coaster Simulator

      Roller Coaster Simulat v1.1

      Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a roller coaster only on Roller Coaster Simulator 3D. Control the speed of the rides and be careful to slow down while making sharp turns and at intersections! Chase the adrenaline rush as you drop from the skies and mak...

      Updated:2016-5-13 14:17:38

    • Transversals

      Transversals v1.0

      Beat this extra challenging action puzzler! The game is simple Just left, right and jump. Get the three to the goal at the same time. It gets hard fast. You will have to run, jump, slide and think to make it through all the levels....

      Updated:2016-5-13 13:27:17

    • Petroleum Tycoon

      Petroleum Tycoon v0.9.7

      The history starts with the fact that you find an oil field in the yard of your house. You will be developing, purchase the new equipment, erect the buildings, hire the guards and personnel, make deals with competitors, acquire the skill of stock trading, buy the new po...

      Updated:2016-5-10 13:36:14

    • The Beggar King

      The Beggar King v2.33

      "The Beggar King" allows you to experience wealth like youve never dreamed possible! Start at the bottom, and work your way to fame and glory! Brace yourself for challenges and obstacles on your journey to greatness, and overcome the odds. Do you have what it take...

      Updated:2016-5-9 15:50:54

    • Truck Driver Cargo

      Truck Driver Cargo v3

      Become a truck driver in this exciting new truck simulation game. Get in your truck and deliver cargo to your destination....

      Updated:2016-5-9 15:26:21

    • VR Car Driving Simulator

      VR Car Driving Simulat v0.5

      This is a VR car driving virtual reality game for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Use your VR headset to race a car off road and explore a desert. Get ready to drive a 4x4 pickup truck 3D virtual reality. Experience the real sensatio...

      Updated:2016-4-28 10:44:18

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