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    • The Lone Survivor - Adventure Mystery Games

      The Lone Survivor - Ad v1.0

      You narrowly escape death and crash land your aircraft in isolated territory after a dreadful storm wiped your plane out of the sky. With no radio or means to alert emergency services, you head off into parts unknown, enduring the aftermath of the storm with very few...

      Updated:2018-7-17 11:58:07

    • GoBotix

      GoBotix v1.3

      OnSaleEvent1 Has started! Game free for 1 week! Remember if you install game on during event days, game has ads. Otherwise, (in paid version) there is no any ads. Co-operate with cute and smart robots on their puzzling platforms. We started this journey with only ...

      Updated:2018-7-17 11:46:30

    • Fliplomacy

      Fliplomacy v4.5

      How about a game that combines the simple easy mechanics of childhood favourite board games such as Checkers, Draughts, Othello, Reversi etc with ain twisting puzzle elements puts it all in a diplomatic setting? The result is an amazing logical puzzle game which is fu...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:21:50

    • BLACK MANSION : One touch arcade jumper

      BLACK MANSION : One to v2.1

      Can you clear the traps? How far can you go? [ How to play ] 1. Touching screen makes the character jump. - To avoid traps, timely touch is required. 2. Dodge the traps. - If you collide to the traps, character dies. 3. Dodge the traps, and enter to t...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:14:16

    • Hidden Objects: Secrets of the Mystery House Game

      Hidden Objects: Secret v2.6.4

      Can you solve the mysteries of the secret house? FEATURES 30 stunning hidden object levels 100s of hidden objects beautifully hand crafted levels and puzzles multiple ways to play, search and find the hidden objects Finding, searching, seeking, solving is...

      Updated:2018-7-12 11:40:48

    • Escape Machine City

      Escape Machine City v1.50

      Can you escape Machine City? - A next level escape game with stunning 3D graphics and visual effects! - 16 beautiful levels to explore! First 9 levels are available free of charge! - Dozens of challenging quests and original puzzles! - An extraordinary escape game...

      Updated:2018-7-7 10:51:59

    • Only When Howling

      Only When Howling v1.0

      Only When Howling is an interactive art piece. It follows the stories of three characters and allows the player to enter their hearts, uncover the depth of a connection they hold sacred, and experience the full force of gratitude through complex visual designs. It is a...

      Updated:2018-6-19 11:01:56

    • Make Squares

      Make Squares v1.0

      A fun puzzle game where you move, rotate and try to catch falling blocks to make squares. A fantastic and original spin on an absolute classic. Features: - Move your blocks around to catch the falling block - Rotate you blocks, and find the best strategic plac...

      Updated:2018-6-19 10:59:03

    • Castle Of Awa - Relaxing Mystic Game

      Castle Of Awa - Relaxi v1

      Uncover the mystical challenges of this relaxing puzzle by exploring various mazes that will make you think for hours. Castle of Awa was developed with a set of goals to be achieved, allowing you to play countless times without getting bored. A jaw-dropping visual wi...

      Updated:2018-6-9 11:12:03

    • Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

      Adventure Escape: Murd v1.12

      Can you solve the murder and escape? Detective Kate Grey is invited to the famous Wickham Manor when her car eaks down outside. She is shocked to witness a murder occur before even dessert is served. Join hundreds of thousands of happy Adventure Escape players and se...

      Updated:2018-6-6 10:23:38

    • Color by Number - Poly Art

      Color by Number - Poly v3.7

      ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ Play the latest color by number poly art puzzle on Android! For Free! Tap to finish stunning low poly artworks like playing jigsaw puzzles! ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ Tired of those crappy pixel coloring apps? Try this new one with amazi...

      Updated:2018-6-22 11:02:22

    • Adventure Escape: Starstruck

      Adventure Escape: Star v1.16

      A famous actress goes on a simple errand to pick up a new pet, and she never returns. When her trusty personal assistant turns up dead in the park, the case gets stranger and stranger. Detective Kate Gray must search the city high and low to find her. Investigate a movi...

      Updated:2018-6-5 11:07:11

    • Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins

      Adventure Escape: Hidd v1.12

      Professor Burns is on the ink of the archaeological eakthrough of a lifetime - discovering the mysterious Kumari civilization which is rumored to have the key to eternal life. His plans are foiled when Larissa, an unscrupulous rival archaeologist, forces her way onto th...

      Updated:2018-6-4 17:41:56

    • Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

      Adventure Escape: Murd v1.08

      Search a snowy winter lodge to solve the dark mystery of a murder among friends! College friends reunite at a remote mountain lodge where mysteries and secrets run deep. Last year, one friend died in a tragic skiing accident. This year, another friend is murdered in ...

      Updated:2018-6-4 17:28:31

    • Mirage: Illusions

      Mirage: Illusions v1.0.4

      What would it be like if the physics of the world went about how you perceived things? Find out in this unusual spatial puzzle! Features: • 35 mind-bending puzzles for you to take on! • 3 modes to play in: Relaxation - where you can explore levels, Endurance - t...

      Updated:2018-5-30 11:16:00

    • Tap Roller

      Tap Roller v1.0.0

      Tap the screen to change room rotation and guide the balls to the exit! But watch out for lasers, buzzsaws and spikes! GAME FEATURES: ● Simple one finger controls ● Funny, bouncy physics ● Awesome, colorful graphics ● Over 50 balls to unlock ● Share your score ...

      Updated:2018-5-25 10:36:27

    • Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

      Faraway 3: Arctic Esca v1.0.75

      Escape all-new distant places in Faraway 3: Arctic Escape that are full of mind-bending puzzles and new exciting locations to explore. This room escape game will challenge your puzzle solving ability. Sequel to one of the all-time best escape games with over a million p...

      Updated:2018-5-24 12:04:36

    • Monster Truck Shadow: Free Racing Car

      Monster Truck Shadow: v2.0.3

      Welcome to Monster Truck Shadow free racing car. The best of racing game physic in this century. Monster Truck Shadow free racing car is the best of physic game. you will be good hill climber when play this game. Monster Truck Shadow free racing car is kind of racing ...

      Updated:2018-5-24 11:47:09

    • Dream Puzzle: Unblock the Road

      Dream Puzzle: Unblock v1.1.8

      Here comes a simple yet mind-bending sliding puzzle game. You’ve seen the video – now the lives of those lost Dream Faeries are in your hands. Enjoy more than 1,000 hand-crafted slide puzzles as you collect magical cards to uncover the hidden facts in household fairy...

      Updated:2018-5-18 16:48:35

    • Escape the Mansion 3

      Escape the Mansion 3 v1.0.5

      Escape the Mansion takes you to a mysterious house on a hill, where confounding puzzles and addictive minigames are coming out of the walls. Ring in the new year with an all-new pack of puzzles! Keep the holiday spirit going year-round with ...

      Updated:2018-5-16 11:34:45

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