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    • Extreme Balancer 3

      Extreme Balancer 3 v2.6

      Extreme Balancer 3 is an adventurous game in which you have to balance the ball and reach to the boat by escaping the traps. The whole surrounding is full of water and you have to balance the ball on the wooden idges by avoiding the obstacle and you have to reach the bo...

      Updated:2018-7-24 14:14:19

    • Pigeon Pop

      Pigeon Pop v1.2.4

      The ultimate bird game, timing is critical! This fun tapping new game craze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as it dances and pops it’s way through the fruit. Avoid popping the bad things. You can also choose various birds such as parrots and peacocks. There...

      Updated:2018-7-19 10:40:23

    • Tap knife VIP

      Tap knife VIP v1.3

      Benefits of VIP Version Only! Open all stages - Enjoy 93 worlds Delete Benner Advertisements - Use a wide screen. A pile of rocks before ones eyes I have a knife in my hand. Throw the knife into the pile of rocks. The rock is hit by a knife! Huh? The roc...

      Updated:2018-7-18 9:54:29

    • Still Here... A cute Adventure

      Still Here... A cute A v0.22.05

      Why did mankind leave earth? Set in the near future, ‘Still Here’ is a 2D flight game which takes you on journey through a beautiful dystopian world with lots of secrets and unique locations to discover. Players control curious little creatures called ‘Pip’ that visi...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:12:01

    • WeaponGo

      WeaponGo v1.8

      Get the job done in 30 seconds. Tic Toc! Ready to Go? Fun Facts ◆ Every play is limited for 30 seconds ◆ Every weapon has its own fantasticness ◆ Collect over 30 weapons ; blades, ninja-stars, arrows ◆ Various stages bosses ◆ Rank on leaderboard...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:09:27

    • Swipe Light.

      Swipe Light. v1.1

      WELCOME TO SWIPE LIGHT, THE MOST ADDICTIVE GAME. A game developed by 17 and 18 year old guys! Swipe to avoid the obstacles. Pay attention, even if you graze them you will die. Get in the world ranking, millions of players are challenging each other right now, what ...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:06:50

    • Adventure Gnome - Crazy Puzzle Miner

      Adventure Gnome - Craz v1.6.2

      Download the most frantic FREE action puzzle game out there! Jewel won’t regret it! Help Rolf rebuild his garden in this crazy, action-based puzzle adventure game! See how low you can go as you tap the way clear for the most adventurous gnome around! Collect num...

      Updated:2018-7-14 12:02:37

    • 2048 Kitty Cat Island

      2048 Kitty Cat Island v1.5.5

      Connect the same image to catch as many fish as possible. You can expand the cat island with caught fish. Build a paradise of cute cats with 2048 puzzles! ▼ catch fish - Stir in the sea horizontally vertically to assemble the same kind of fish. - Catch fish are ...

      Updated:2018-7-14 11:58:58

    • Cartoon Network Match Land

      Cartoon Network Match v1.1.3

      Build a team of your favorite Cartoon Network characters to conquer a unique match 3 adventure in Cartoon Network Match Land! MATCH 3 WITH A TWIST Once you make a match, you can keep on matching until the timer runs out. How many matches can you string together? Plu...

      Updated:2018-7-14 11:49:55

    • Flying  Arrow

      Flying Arrow v2.3.2

      Aim carefully and throw your arrow through the world then control it to dodge obstacles and reach the most distant target ! How far can you go ?...

      Updated:2018-7-14 11:46:04

    • Rock of Destruction

      Rock of Destruction v1.0.6

      Rock of Destruction is best crush game. To be master of Rock of Destruction: get bigger and crush as many buildings you can while rolling down the mountain! Rock Destruction is not only about crushing but also smashing ! Game Features: - Destroy all buildings in ...

      Updated:2018-7-12 11:34:51

    • Soccer Road

      Soccer Road v1.0.7

      Dodge roll the soccer ball on a colored twisting road. Avoid hitting hurdles to score collect power ups from the road. Unlock various color balls, national soccer teams colored roads to play on with free gems that you earn in the game. Complete different cha...

      Updated:2018-7-17 12:01:30

    • Air Hockey Challenge

      Air Hockey Challenge v1.0.5

      Challenge various levels! And challenge tons of stages with various obstacles. [Feature] - 4 different levels supported (easy, normal, hard, very hard) - Offline versus mode supported (2 players versus mode on 1 device) - Tons of stages with various maps and obsta...

      Updated:2018-7-11 12:00:31

    • Sky Dancer Run - Running Game

      Sky Dancer Run - Runni v3.4.2

      THE PARKOUR RUNNING GAME REVOLUTION IS HERE Not only play run game, you also run and jump across hazardous cliffs from one flying island to another, while avoiding large boulders. Feel free like a bird as you run through the skies and land gracefully trying to beat t...

      Updated:2018-7-10 14:45:06

    • Sky Battle Royale Sky Battl v1.2

      Join the next trend in io games now! Clown Games presents Sky Royale io game: The epic combat of warplanes. HIT WARPLANES! Fly into the sky battle royale, fire your war wings to target and shoot other planes. DODGE MISSILES! Dodge as many missiles as possible to w...

      Updated:2018-7-10 14:41:39

    • Balls Journey

      Balls Journey v1.11

      Travel farther and farther while improving your launch forces! How far will you go ?...

      Updated:2018-7-10 14:27:50

    • Clumsy Climber

      Clumsy Climber v1.7

      Clumsiest of all climbing games! The flood is coming, hang in there and grab for your life! Climb as far as you can, go through all levels and unlock more than 80 cosmetic items....

      Updated:2018-7-10 14:25:36

    • PAKO 2

      PAKO 2 v1.0.0

      PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you work as a getaway driver. Pick up your crew from heist spot, escort them to safety in dramatic chase against the cops, repeat and compete in the leaderboards! Every run gains you money which can be used to buy new rides and loc...

      Updated:2018-7-7 10:58:38

    • My Museum Story: Mystery Match

      My Museum Story: Myste v1.47.7

      Become a mystery-solving detective and find hidden artifacts and lost treasures to create your own mystery museum! Swap around and match artifacts by color to collect objects, decorate rooms and halls of the museum and solve mystery quests! Beat eathtaking match-3 le...

      Updated:2018-7-7 10:49:14

    • Thrill Rush

      Thrill Rush v1.4.3

      Thrill Rush is the sequel to the popular Uphill Rush racing game, which has been played by more than 30 million people around the world. SUPER FUN FEATURES: • 2 amazing theme park worlds. • Extreme roller coaster attractions. • Choose from over 40 roller coaster v...

      Updated:2018-7-6 10:33:27

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