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    • Gardenscapes free

      Gardenscapes free v1.9.0

      Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists and turns to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory. Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bot...

      Updated:2017-10-18 11:21:59

    • Perfect Fit

      Perfect Fit v1.0.0

      Place the blocks in the correct sequence and make a perfect fit! Solve puzzles and collect coins to unlock all of the different blocks. FEATURES ◉ Unique puzzles to solve ◉ Easy to play, yet difficult to master ◉ 10 styles of blocks to unlock ◉ Many achievements ...

      Updated:2016-8-23 10:28:45

    • PepeLine

      PepeLine v1.9b

      PepeLine is a simple and very addictive 3D sliding puzzle game. Challenge your ain and swap the tiles with your fingers to recreate the path in order to solve each puzzle. ...

      Updated:2016-8-20 17:54:13

    • Pipeline Free

      Pipeline Free v1.02

      Pipelines in your cellar got oken and somehow mixed up. Its your job to connect the pipe parts so that the water will not splash everywhere around....

      Updated:2016-8-20 17:06:14

    • Pooks 2048

      Pooks 2048 v1.0.6

      Enter this fairytale puzzle and journey through a magical world playing the alchemist in Pooks. Combine magic potions, activate runes and complete books filled with magic. Achieve different objectives by combining matching potions in this innovative and dynamic puzzle...

      Updated:2016-8-17 10:12:31

    • Shooty Sky Hero- Arcade Flight Free

      Shooty Sky Hero- Arcad v3.3

      Shooty sky Heroes: Smashy Invaders. Crossy sky, crossy all enemies in the skies and smashy the invaders. Take the chance and ride the skies like a Superhero sky protect the universe. ...

      Updated:2016-8-15 21:10:09

    • ForestRescue

      ForestRescue v1.6

      Help to save the world by sowing trees! Tap to sow a tree and rescue the forest. Increase your intelligence solving each level of this challenging puzzle game and be more conscient of the nature that surrunds us and helps us to live. ...

      Updated:2016-8-12 17:20:10

    • Logic Traces

      Logic Traces v1.0.1

      If puzzles are your thing, then Logic Traces is your game! From the makers of Logic Dots, the #1 award winning puzzle-board game with almost a million players, Logic Traces has a and new puzzle mechanic and hundreds of boards of to solve. Logic Traces is an addictive c...

      Updated:2016-8-9 16:25:46

    • Squares: The Game

      Squares: The Game v1.0

      Squares is a strategy based game of a fast paced nature. You start after the 3 second countdown on which squares will start moving towards the middle. When the squares are in the center, you must act fast and flick the square in the correct direction. Be warned the...

      Updated:2016-8-9 13:44:49

    • Train Conductor World

      Train Conductor World v1.5.1

      Train Conductor World is a high-speed train traversal puzzler; trundle, turn and track in this spectacular European adventure! Conduct and control the tracks, manage movement and watch your rail network grow. You’ll need nerves of steel and snappy strategy to keep th...

      Updated:2016-8-7 19:57:17

    • Blicke

      Blicke v1.0

      Blicke is a unique puzzle game that encourages you to guide the colored blocks across the board to take each one of them to their target. The blocks slide until they hit a wall or another block, challenging you to figure out how to use your pieces as support to creat...

      Updated:2016-8-4 8:17:27

    • The Plug

      The Plug v1.01

      It is a simple Puzzle Game. But not easy! You need to move the block to make the plug plug in. 100 levels. Hope you enjoy. ...

      Updated:2016-8-1 18:22:41

    • Inverse Universe

      Inverse Universe v15.0

      Escaped rooms before? How about two universes collapsing together? The goal of Inverse Universe Escape is to escape multiple rooms by discovering clues, solving puzzles, and finding and using objects found throughout the two universes. Your motivation is to prevent thes...

      Updated:2016-8-1 8:00:56

    • Turn your Destiny

      Turn your Destiny v1.2

      Turn Your Destiny is a new addictive Match-4-or-more puzzle game. Solve each level and control your destiny! As the chosen star child, you are going on a quest to free the lost spirits. Throughout the Four Domains you need to combine and align stars in order to fr...

      Updated:2016-7-28 20:54:36

    • Duck Roll

      Duck Roll v1.00

      使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译 Roll, push and blast your way through 100+ levels of pure puzzling. With diverse stages, unique challenges and loads of tools to learn and master, Duck Roll is the puzzler youve been looking for! Have fun :) ...

      Updated:2016-7-28 20:35:20

    • Kubic

      Kubic v1.0

      kubic is a relaxing optical illusion puzzle game based on M.C. Eschers art, impossible objects and other geometric designs. The object is to construct the goal configuration from a number of pieces....

      Updated:2016-7-25 20:14:23

    • Danse: Deadly Deception

      Danse: Deadly Deceptio v1.0

      The Belfort Hall Academy of Dance is known for turning ballet amateurs into stars, but when a class favorite is found dead, long-hidden secrets come to light. Investigate the crime scene and interrogate suspects to reveal the truth! • WHO WAS THE VICTIM AND WHERE IS ...

      Updated:2016-7-23 12:02:16

    • Warp Shift

      Warp Shift v1.0.5

      [ Warp Shift is a unique puzzle game set in a mysterious world. It takes you on a marvelous journey that challenges your mind and stimulates your senses. ] # # # AN AUDIO-VISUAL VOYAGE THROUGH TIME AND SPACE # # # Experience beautiful visuals, challenging puzzles ...

      Updated:2016-7-22 11:52:01

    • Prison Break:Dead Rooms

      Prison Break:Dead Room v1.0.0

      Prison Break: Dead Rooms is one of the best and hardest action game you ever play on Android. You were captured and sent to the toughest prison of the country. This prison was designed by many rooms, each room contains different security system. Without any tools, yo...

      Updated:2016-7-21 10:42:45

    • Attrakt

      Attrakt v1.0

      Attrakt, with its picturesque graphics style, various ships and trails, multitude of puzzles with infinite solutions, has over 30 levels for you to complete (A lot more on the way). With its competitive reward system and leaderboards, this game will keep you coming back...

      Updated:2016-7-18 18:15:33