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    • Reversi Free

      Reversi Free v1.26

      Flip your way to victory! Download the classic Reversi now! ★ Google Play “Top Developer” AI Factory ★ Reversi Free is the best free Reversi (aka Othello) game on Android! Flip your way to success in this classic game, where a position with the most ers can turn int...

      Updated:2012-8-19 10:01:43

    • 365 Board Games 2

      365 Board Games 2 v1.00.007

      10 games in 1 pack Play up to ten family favourites in this sequel to the award winning 365 Board Games. Includes up to 10 games, each with user-customisable rules and a range of difficulty levels. Designed to evoke the feel of classic board games, the full pack inclu...

      Updated:2012-8-15 23:09:17

    • Yukon Gold Solitaire

      Yukon Gold Solitaire v2.36

      24 popular solitaire (patience) games and variations in a great-looking, easy-to-play package. Available in additional languages. Nu mulighed for at spille på dansk. Jetzt auf Deutsch erhältlich. Maintenant disponible en français. Agora disponível para jogar e...

      Updated:2012-8-9 9:36:59

    • Marble Solitaire

      Marble Solitaire v2.1

      The goal of this classic Marble Solitaire strategy game is to remove as many marbles as possible, by "jumping" one marble over another, either horizontally or vertically. 9 levels available....

      Updated:2012-8-7 20:15:03


      BATTLESHIP PRO v1.1.7

      BATTLESHIP Set sails and start your battle versus Ted, James and Hans where Ted is the rookie making a lot of mistakes, James is the intermediate guy and Hans... well Hans is Hans! The good old well known pen and paper battlship gameplay is nicely enhanced with hexago...

      Updated:2012-7-16 14:22:13

    • Ships N Battles

      Ships N Battles v1.3

      Ships N Battles, a cross platform battleship game! Play the next generation of the classic game, controlling the most destructive power of the seas with a finger touch. Ships N Battles has high-definition graphics, great special effects like explosions and smoke! ...

      Updated:2012-7-27 14:19:47

    • Snakes And Ladders 3D

      Snakes And Ladders 3D v1.2

      Snakes And Ladders in 3D Snakes and Ladders 3D (better version of 2D board game) or Chutes and ladders (not Ludo though!) is the simplest game with unlimited fun for the kids n adults alike !!! A game which is being played from ages in a 2D board and Dice now comes ...

      Updated:2012-7-12 17:30:59

    • Battle Chinese Checkers

      Battle Chinese Checker v1.3.2

      A challenging classic board game that can be played by 2 to 6 people! Battle Chinese Checkers is a Simple Fun classic board game! Chinese checkers is a classic board game that can be played by two to six people! It is a variant of Halma. You would wonder why thi...

      Updated:2012-12-5 11:51:58

    • Mensch argere Dich nicht! HD

      Mensch argere Dich nic v1.1.7

      The one and only official Mensch ärgere Dich nicht! on Android! ATTENTION: expanded FREE and FULLY FEATURED version with ads! The most popular board game of the world is now available on Android! This is the one and only original by Schmidt Spiele: Play this origina...

      Updated:2012-6-29 18:15:53

    • UFO Hotseat

      UFO Hotseat v1.1.3

      UFO: Hotseat is a turn-based strategy game with gameplay very similar to X-Com, Incubation and Jagged Alliance. Though those games all have a large audience, the makers have never included one thing... Multiplayer! In UFO: Hotseat, crush enemy squads with your own tacti...

      Updated:2012-6-17 17:18:39

    • Summoner Call

      Summoner Call v1.5.2

      Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign? *** NOW WITH ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND DECK CUSTOMIZATION *** In an ancient era, the most feared fighter was The Summoner: a warrior who ed the summoning arts to call powerful creatures to fight along his side. ...

      Updated:2012-6-22 11:29:20

    • Dragon Eggs

      Dragon Eggs v1.0.1

      Win a battle with Dragon by the force of thought. Once upon a time an insidious dragon challenged humanity. Dragon suggested to play a "Dragon Eggs" game. If you win you will save the world from the dragon. The goal of the game is to arrange your five chips eit...

      Updated:2012-6-7 13:42:24

    • 247 Solitaire

      247 Solitaire v1.1.0

      Play all day with 247 Solitaire! Get the best deal on the market with 247 Solitaire! This app includes Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell, and more all for under a dollar! With beautiful, easy-to-read cards, and a full-screen layout that makes it easy to play o...

      Updated:2013-9-22 8:15:54

    • KHET

      KHET v4.0.0.2

      Your intelligent app builder! The Award Winning Laser Game: Khet 2.0 with Artificial Intelligence Engine by Don Dailey! Mensa Select Award winning board game Toy of the Year 2011 finalist as an App Now! Powered by the Artificial Intelligence Engine by Don Daile...

      Updated:2012-6-1 18:14:33

    • Bad Blood TCG

      Bad Blood TCG v1.0.14

      Join the epic battle between humans, vampires and werewolves in Bad Blood TCG. Join the epic battle between humans, vampires and werewolves in Bad Blood, an addictive collectible card game. Four playable Races are waiting for a hero to start his quest. Collect hun...

      Updated:2012-5-27 0:48:29

    • Gin Rummy

      Gin Rummy v1.0

      The classic 2 player card game, with stylish interface and 15 unique opponents. ★ From Google Play “Top Developer” AI Factory ★ Gin Rummy Free is the third card game from AI Factory, and provides a highly polished interface that runs smoothly on all handsets. This g...

      Updated:2012-5-21 16:09:10

    • Solitaire Double-Deck HD

      Solitaire Double-Deck v2.0

      Solitaire Double-Deck HD is played exactly like the world’s most popular card game: Solitaire “Klondike”, but it uses two decks of cards; Doubling the Challenge and FUN! It also includes the classic single-deck SolitaireKlondike and a NEW ½ deck mode for SUPER QUICK gam...

      Updated:2012-5-17 11:32:53

    • Elf Ludo

      Elf Ludo v1.3

      The most popular family board game with cute graphics now on Android! Elf Ludo is similar game like the well known Indian table game called Pachisi. The game knows as Ludo, Pacheesi, Twenty-Five, Sorry!, Ki nevet a végén, Mensch ärgere dich nicht and many more. O...

      Updated:2012-4-28 20:49:58

    • Tressette

      Tressette v1.1.9

      Tressette an Italian card game with music sounds, animations and MULTIPLAYER * LIMITED TIME OFFER - €0.99 * The Tressette (or Tresette ), classic Italian card game, in its adapted version for Android, with music, sound effects, big cards, animations for a great user...

      Updated:2012-4-16 22:51:02

    • Reversi Paper Blobs

      Reversi Paper Blobs v1.0.0

      Paper Blobs is a revitalised Reversi game that is challenging and unpredictable. Did you enjoy othello and reversi, you will definitely enjoy Paper Blobs! In Paper Blobs we have added skeleton and heart squares on the traditional othello reversi game. So stay clear...

      Updated:2012-4-16 0:04:15