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    • Matches Puzzles Free

      Matches Puzzles Free v2.0

      Can you solve the puzzle with matches? Finally I got the newest game about the match, but rather a puzzle with matches. Exciting game with different tasks and a huge number of levels. Choose the level of difficulty for yourself and play the latest hit of the season i...

      Updated:2016-12-23 13:34:40

    • Amazer Pro Find your way

      Amazer Pro Find your w v1.0.1

      «Amazer Pro» — the most popular and interesting 2D maze game for your smartphone and tablet. Become familiar with the concept throughout the first levels and then improve your skills to overcome enemies and obstacles. You will be facing a unique game field with shaded r...

      Updated:2016-12-19 16:41:13

    • Memory Limit

      Memory Limit v0.62

      This ain teaser is the best game to train your ain by following and remembering rules. A delightfully constructed memory test that grows in complexity and appeal the deeper in you go. ...

      Updated:2016-12-17 15:39:39

    • 10BATTLE

      10BATTLE v1.22

      Sum the panels up to make 10 and defeat the enemy! ...

      Updated:2016-12-17 15:26:18

    • Wheelie7:Detective

      Wheelie7:Detective v1.0.1

      Wheely decided it would be a good idea to open a bank account. But a gang of cars robbed the bank! Help Wheely to catch bank robbers! ...

      Updated:2016-12-12 12:57:20

    • Eternal Maze Puzzle Adventure

      Eternal Maze Puzzle Ad v1.1

      Inspired by crop circles, Eternal Maze is a puzzle adventure game about a farmer who is trapped in corn mazes. Find the map, find the monoliths, avoid the dogs and survive to escape from the mazes! ...

      Updated:2016-12-11 11:01:13

    • The Station

      The Station v0.2.0

      “The Station” is an interactive sci-fi novella set in turbulent times, which the protagonist has a hard time remembering. Its an orbital rabbit hole tale developed by gold extra with Causa Creations support. Text by Georg Hobmeier and Frances d’Ath, Code by Patrick Borg...

      Updated:2016-12-10 14:00:20

    • Apart

      Apart v1.01

      Apart is a puzzle game where you control two lost characters, Red and Blue. Both characters move at the same time and both in the direction you swipe. Avoid obstacles and lead them together by using the surroundings to your advantage. ...

      Updated:2016-12-6 6:32:38

    • Can You Escape 5

      Can You Escape 5 v1.0.4

      Can You Escape 5 - room escape games just reached the new level! Let us present you the fifth episode of the legendary Can You Escape series! Can You Escape 5 ings the classical room escape back to you! This time we have prepared 18 different rooms for you - all s...

      Updated:2016-12-4 14:47:01

    • Escape Game Kidnapped Boy

      Escape Game Kidnapped v1.0.0

      Escape Game: Kidnapped Boy is a point and click escape game. A boy has been kidnapped and tied up in a house. You must help the boy escape from the house by untying him. Find ways and means to help the boy escape from the kidnapper by interacting with objects. Have fun!...

      Updated:2016-12-3 17:31:06

    • Masha rescues grandma escape

      Masha rescues grandma v1.3

      Once there was Masha in the hut, which was located in the woods. One day Masha received a letter from her grandmother, where my grandmother invited her favorite granddaughter to visit for the cakes. You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventure through the woo...

      Updated:2016-12-3 17:25:01



      YANKAIS TRIANGLE is a love letter to TRIANGLES. A puzzling puzzle game about the beauty and joy of infinitely tapping on TRIANGLES for some reason. With an elegant innovative revolutionary TRIANGLE-first approach to interface, YANKAIS TRIANGLE lets you tap on TRIANG...

      Updated:2016-11-24 13:03:11

    • Tangram king

      Tangram king v1.0.4

      Complete the puzzles by combining 7 different pieces. [game characteristics] - players can enjoy various game modes .(classic, double, flip, spinning, hard mode) - hours of playing time with countless stages . - easy control and user friendly interface. - multi-p...

      Updated:2016-11-24 13:01:45

    • Slip slop

      Slip slop v1.0

      Ice and water are two states of a material. The game is about switching between you states of matter. Depending on the obstacle choose the state - ice or water....

      Updated:2016-11-24 10:39:46

    • Maze Dungeon

      Maze Dungeon v1.1.2

      You are waiting for an adventure in the mysterious maze, where your main character is a glowing cube. You will move around the dark corners of the maze lighting the way in search of an exit, to reach the end you have to maintain inner glow using energy which you will f...

      Updated:2016-11-22 18:15:07

    • Princesses and Heroes

      Princesses and Heroes v1.0.4

      "Princesses Heroes - Puzzle" is a puzzle game for children with cartoon characters! Puzzles will help children to build and practice cognitive skills, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, as well as tactile and fine motor skills. Like all Intellijoy games, the gam...

      Updated:2016-11-21 19:49:32

    • Prisoner Escape in Hospital

      Prisoner Escape in Hos v1.0.1

      You are trapped in the most secured prison in the world. Its impossible to get out. Your plan is to move out of the prison in order to escape. So you pretend to be very sick and has been shifted to hospital for check up. You will need to test your survival instinct and ...

      Updated:2016-11-19 17:16:31

    • Ninja Tobu

      Ninja Tobu v1.02

      In Ninja Tobu, speed and accuracy are key, as you guide your ninja through computer generated platforms, enemies, and spikes! Tap and drag from anywhere on the screen to power your ninja jump, then let go to shoot through the air. Aim for any surface not covered in s...

      Updated:2016-11-19 17:13:25

    • Duck Hair

      Duck Hair v1.0

      Weve designed Duck Hair to be short sweet and with a play time of about 10 to 15 minutes. Each Duck maze is uniquely generated where your luck, skill and strategy will determine how many levels you will be able to complete. ...

      Updated:2016-11-19 17:10:06

    • Nonogram king

      Nonogram king v1.0.7

      Brain training game that improves your power of logic ...

      Updated:2016-11-17 12:27:22