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    • Mozo Patrona

      Mozo Patrona v1.0

      Lived sister and other depended on each other without parents One day, unfortunately shes other fell an incurable disease And She heard the news that reaper will come to shes other Very despair situation, but Sister made a decision that would protect shes other ...

      Updated:2016-7-15 10:58:20

    • Circle Breakout

      Circle Breakout v1.6

      Circle Breakout takes an alltime classic to the 21st century. Designed for modern mobile devices it features one-touch controls in an endless game mode with an exciting new twist to the ick eaker genre....

      Updated:2016-7-14 20:33:57

    • Tower Troopers

      Tower Troopers v1.0

      El juego puzzle 3D más novedoso y divertido de la tienda. El único lleno de acción y aventura. Usa las habilidades de tus personajes y poderes para airte paso por los desafiantes escenarios. Modos de juego: +CONQUISTA (+50 niveles) Forma escaleras tan complejas c...

      Updated:2016-7-13 19:11:58

    • Solitaire Dungeon Escape 2

      Solitaire Dungeon Esca v1.0

      App Description ...

      Updated:2016-7-13 18:56:09

    • InaMaze

      InaMaze v1.1.1195

      Find the Maze exit and the key to open it, while collecting coins. Discover new locations, mazes and characters. Test your skills and catch Cryspets, jeweled animals. Catch them all. Collect trophies, awards and so much more....

      Updated:2016-7-9 12:28:02

    • Marble Machine

      Marble Machine v1.0.3

      * A lot of different game mechanics, rotate the paths, accelerate the ball, push the buttons and make the gravity your best friend! * Play for free and pay how much you want to unlock full game * No time and movement limits * Great fun for whole family! * A lot of...

      Updated:2016-7-7 16:11:45

    • Coolkindergarten

      Coolkindergarten v1.0.2

      Are you ready to play all day?! Join the Kindergarten Kids in the most exciting kindergarten around! If you want to sing along in a puppet show, blow crazy bubbles, and play a colorful keyboard with the Kindergarten Kids, you’ve come to the right place! Every room in ki...

      Updated:2016-7-6 18:10:45

    • Fold the World

      Fold the World v1.1.0

      Guide Yolo through beautifully crafted puzzles, uncover hidden paths and outsmart the evil Lord of Darkness. Fold the World is a stunning exploration of Paper Kingdom, a puzzling storybook world, where exciting plot twists await you behind every fold. ...

      Updated:2016-7-6 17:26:26

    • Paranormal Territory

      Paranormal Territory v1.0

      Caution: this game is a test of your courage, at the end of youll see your result. Does your mind starved for puzzles, and your nerves from thrill? Well, then horror "Paranormal Territory" from "AGaming+" will shake you to the core! Turn off the light and take your h...

      Updated:2016-7-6 11:52:25

    • BoBoiBoy Puzzle Clash

      BoBoiBoy Puzzle Clash v2.28

      EJoJo and all his minions are ready for a final attack. Use BoBoiBoy’s powers to defeat them one by one, level by level! Outsmart your opponents by being quick and witty with combos of all elements and collect the best cards for ultimate strikes. Fight together with ...

      Updated:2016-7-1 14:40:05

    • Shades of Labyrinths

      Shades of Labyrinths v0.3.2

      Veuillez nous faire part de vos commentaires, remarques et reports de bogues à ladresse suivante : VERSION ALPHA : Réussirez-vous à trouver la sortie de ces labyrinthes ? Avec une immersion complète en 3 dimensions, une difficulté croissan...

      Updated:2016-6-30 13:49:45

    • Doodle Mafia

      Doodle Mafia v1.0.6

      Over 190 Million Players Worldwide! Crime Does Pay! Play as a Gangster or Cop. Over 500 Puzzles to Solve Items to Create WATCH YOUR CRIME CITY COME ALIVE AS YOU PLAY! Doodle Mafia is the biggest “Doodle” game ever! Over 500 puzzles to solve and items to crea...

      Updated:2016-6-30 13:34:57

    • HardCube

      HardCube v1.1

      Each level are completely different setting, unlike each other, and the different scenery that ings a bit of variety to the game. So as for each setting have been specially recorded soundtracks from our composer, which dilute the tense atmosphere of hardcore and let you...

      Updated:2016-6-29 7:39:41

    • Jelly Bang

      Jelly Bang v1.0

      Jelly Bang is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Join jellies of same color. But watch out, dont run out of moves! Play through dozens of levels. Complexity ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play is up t...

      Updated:2016-6-29 7:35:49

    • Laserix Touch

      Laserix Touch v1.0.18

      Solve each puzzle by using mirrors and reflect the laser to catch all the diamonds. There is no timer. Take your time. Take a minute, or a day. Laserix Touch is all about the game, for people who likes a real puzzle challenge. “Ok I know how to solve it! Wait now.....

      Updated:2016-6-28 8:18:29

    • Phantom Maze

      Phantom Maze v1.0

      The gatekeepers looks so scary but they are kind. This puzzle games object is to help him to guide the way for the little ghosts. [ detailed description ] - Help the gatekeepers to guide the little ghosts who are lost in the sky. - Draw a right line to the exit...

      Updated:2016-6-26 9:27:53

    • Traveler:IO Land

      Traveler:IO Land v1.5

      Jump ! Fly ! Phase Walk throught the IO Land . 3 maps ready to discover. 10 maps is coming. Travel throught the IO land with feet , jetpack , air jump and gravity belt. The best is the fastest traveler . Lets GO !...

      Updated:2016-6-25 16:32:00

    • Classic Bomber 2016

      Classic Bomber 2016 v1.0.1

      The general goal throughout the series is to complete the levels by strategically placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill or injure enemies, and destroy obstacles. However, they can also kill or injure ...

      Updated:2016-6-19 16:35:24

    • Royal Trouble:Hidden Adventures

      Royal Trouble:Hidden A v1.1

      Help a newlywed royal couple in this hilarious sequel to Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures! Just married! Loreen and Nathaniel are on cloud nine on their honeymoon when they decide to make an ill-fated detour to the Merry Castle, touted for its rollercoasters and magic ...

      Updated:2016-6-18 10:51:45

    • Legend of Lir

      Legend of Lir v1.1

      "Aeons ago, in an Ireland filled with Druid magic, there was a king who had lost a wife and four children who had lost a mother. When he could mourn no longer the king remarried but in his haste to restore a once happy home he chose his new wife poorly. Unable to repl...

      Updated:2016-6-14 9:29:23