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    • Sparkwave

      Sparkwave v0.9.5.4

      Sparkwave is a gorgeous hex styled twitch game. It is fast paced and intense! The objective of the Sparkwave is to go the greatest distance while avoiding obstacles, at the same time staying on the track. The Player can only survive being off-track for a limited ...

      Updated:2016-5-24 9:18:51

    • Beyond Black Space: Valkyrie

      Beyond Black Space: Va v1.1.0

      Enjoy a classic arcade "SMUG" shooter on your mobile device! BBS Valkyrie Full Edition Includes: 2 Modes of play - Arcade and Survival 5 Stages of action packed fun Beautiful space stages and music Included Content Updates No Ads!...

      Updated:2016-5-24 8:48:42


      REINDEERS VR v21.12.114

      This Christmas Santa Claus is quite late packing all the presents and is asking you to help him find the reindeers for his sled. Navigate your way through Santa’s snowy 360º set, moving from point to point and catch 8 reindeers. The delivery of Christmas presents is up...

      Updated:2016-5-24 8:35:43

    • Beach Soccer Shootout

      Beach Soccer Shootout v0.9

      Beach Soccer Shootout (Football) is one of the most entertaining soccer flick (football) games. Experience realistic graphics and a smooth swipe control. Swipe, Curve, shoot fast or lob the ball into the goal! Beat the goalkepper! Collect new Balls, Clothes, Hairs an...

      Updated:2016-5-23 10:59:14

    • Dropple

      Dropple v1.5.0

      Straight out of The Mascoteers’ game lab comes Dropple, the latest original release from the creators of 360 Degree and Circlify. It’s all about timing in Dropple! As the player, you need to help a ball bounce its way down a long stairway, setting out the steps in fr...

      Updated:2016-5-23 10:56:54

    • Block The Ball

      Block The Ball v1.7.0

      Following the release of the hugely popular 360 degree, Block the Ball is a further evolution of the classic arcade gameplay our fans know and love. This game is yet another fun, addictive app that will have you hooked on sight. In Block the Ball you must once again ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 10:47:31

    • Stairway

      Stairway v1.5.0

      Guide a ball down a narrow staircase, navigating all kinds of crazy twists and turns and the odd spike along the way! t timing to achieve a high score in this quick-...

      Updated:2016-5-23 10:41:53

    • Rush Rally 2

      Rush Rally 2 v1.51

      Authentic Rally Championship and Rallycross game modes. Compete in a full championship on A-B stages or go metal-to-metal with other cars in Rallycross. CUSTOMISE YOUR RIDE! A garage full of cars waiting to be driven and tuned. The best car dynamics model to date on...

      Updated:2016-5-23 10:03:52

    • Gummy blast

      Gummy blast v1.06

      Tap Gummy Create Powerful Combs Sweet Boom Blast! Gummy Blast is a unique tapping and matching puzzle game. Match the same two or more gummy, make powerful combinations through hundreds of levels in this delicious adventure. The sweetest puzzle just become more cha...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:47:59

    • Glitch Pong

      Glitch Pong v1.1

      Glitch Pong is a circle pong game with a glitch. Keep your ball inside the circle. Use the arrows to turn the circle. Each time the ball hits the circle you receive points. Be careful though, each segment of the circle is damaged when you hit it, and is destroyed after ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:35:02

    • Dead Reckoning 2: Brassfield Manor

      Dead Reckoning 2: Bras v1.0

      Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases! Wealthy investment banker Reginald Greer has been found dead at his home on the eve of his annual murder mystery party. Brassfield Manor is imming with party guests, family, and staff, and any one of them may be the culpri...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:28:37

    • Kitty Pawp: Bubble Shooter Free

      Kitty Pawp: Bubble Sho v3.0.2630

      Kitty Pawp is an exciting new bubble shooter that’s all about cats! Match three kitty-shaped bubbles of the same color to earn points in this addictive, kitty-friendly bubble shooter game. Collect treats, earn prizes, or clear obstacles to complete different goal-based ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:25:31

    • Survival Island 2016:Savage

      Survival Island 2016:S v1.3.0

      You will have to use all your skills for survive in this island! Create items with crafting system, collect resources, hunt and repulse from wild animals in new game with sandbox elements Survival Island 2016 : Savage. Survival on the island reaching a new level! So ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:19:47

    • Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue

      Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue v1.1.4

      The hunter 👨 has been up to his old tricks and has turned all the zoo animals into tiny cubes in order to transport them in his truck, but Patrick the Goat has managed to escape at the last moment. This exciting adventure begins by helping Patrick to rescue all the ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:11:10

    • 1010 Block King

      1010 Block King v1.1.4

      The ain game that improves your concentration puzzle game that anyone can enjoy....

      Updated:2016-5-23 8:57:35

    • Strafe Ship

      Strafe Ship v1.01

      Stuck in the middle of an asteroid field survive as long as you can against the waves of asteroids. • Dodge faster and faster waves of oncoming asteroids • Pickup shields and smash your way through • Collect Matter gems and unlock new ships and thrusters • C...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:28:47

    • Prisoner Escape

      Prisoner Escape v1.1.3

      Prisoner Escape is a Crossy Road style game. Run! Tap! Swipe! Escape as far as you could from the police. Tap fast and do not let the Police Helicopter get close to you! Play and unlock achievements to unlock cute characters. Earn fast money by completing Repeata...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:24:28

    • American Iron Avenger

      American Iron Avenger v1.4

      American Iron Avenger is the hero of this awesome free Android game, from a series of amazing superheroes from the future that fight to save the worlds in the Bad Wolf Universe! American Iron Avenger is the new identity of Steve Willow, a former police officer of the Ro...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:20:53

    • CtrlCV

      CtrlCV v1.2

      CtrlCV, 111% 5th game! Run among your clones!! Who is real? Find the real you! You are a fantastic player if you go over score 50. Time will fly like an arrow. Simple, but Addictive....

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:19:35

    • To The Land

      To The Land v1.3

      To the land is a simple minigame with lots of fun! The ship is on fire right now, the cube needs aid immediately! Help him roll over to the next floating buckles. Watch out for fishes, birds, exploding buckles while you are making your way to the land. Collect coi...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:16:52