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    • Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue

      Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue v1.1.4

      The hunter 👨 has been up to his old tricks and has turned all the zoo animals into tiny cubes in order to transport them in his truck, but Patrick the Goat has managed to escape at the last moment. This exciting adventure begins by helping Patrick to rescue all the ...

      Updated:2016-5-23 9:11:10

    • 1010 Block King

      1010 Block King v1.1.4

      The ain game that improves your concentration puzzle game that anyone can enjoy....

      Updated:2016-5-23 8:57:35

    • Strafe Ship

      Strafe Ship v1.01

      Stuck in the middle of an asteroid field survive as long as you can against the waves of asteroids. • Dodge faster and faster waves of oncoming asteroids • Pickup shields and smash your way through • Collect Matter gems and unlock new ships and thrusters • C...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:28:47

    • Prisoner Escape

      Prisoner Escape v1.1.3

      Prisoner Escape is a Crossy Road style game. Run! Tap! Swipe! Escape as far as you could from the police. Tap fast and do not let the Police Helicopter get close to you! Play and unlock achievements to unlock cute characters. Earn fast money by completing Repeata...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:24:28

    • American Iron Avenger

      American Iron Avenger v1.4

      American Iron Avenger is the hero of this awesome free Android game, from a series of amazing superheroes from the future that fight to save the worlds in the Bad Wolf Universe! American Iron Avenger is the new identity of Steve Willow, a former police officer of the Ro...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:20:53

    • CtrlCV

      CtrlCV v1.2

      CtrlCV, 111% 5th game! Run among your clones!! Who is real? Find the real you! You are a fantastic player if you go over score 50. Time will fly like an arrow. Simple, but Addictive....

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:19:35

    • To The Land

      To The Land v1.3

      To the land is a simple minigame with lots of fun! The ship is on fire right now, the cube needs aid immediately! Help him roll over to the next floating buckles. Watch out for fishes, birds, exploding buckles while you are making your way to the land. Collect coi...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:16:52

    • Steps!

      Steps! v1.0.0

      "Steps!" is developed by the developer who was awarded the AppStore Best of 2015, and is certainly one of Play Stores hardest games ever. Its super simple to play, but only a few would be able to reach the final stage. Play hard to become the best gamer on Earth! ◆...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:09:57

    • Parallels Free

      Parallels Free v1

      Parallels - Minimal Platformer Overview Journey through the surreal, simplistic and colourful world that is Parallels - Minimal Platformer. What seems like an easy relaxed journey in the beginning, is destined to become fraught with danger as you progress through the P...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:04:47

    • Casual Cube

      Casual Cube v1.0

      Help your little cube to jump through lovely but dangerous worlds. Don’t fall off the platforms or let the enemies catch you, and unlock as many characters as you can!...

      Updated:2016-5-21 18:01:24

    • Extreme Forklifting 2

      Extreme Forklifting 2 v1.11

      Always dreamed of becoming a forklift operator? Now you can! You get to drive a forklift, move pallets around and do crazy stunts. Features: - The forklifting adventure youve always been dreaming of! - Experience the glamorous life of a warehouse worker. - Real...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:59:58

    • Diamond Robot Free

      Diamond Robot Free v4.1

      An ideal game to play in those spare moments! Who wouldnt like to createdesign his own robot and then play with it? Help to this robot with diamond heart to reach as many floors as possible! In this game you have to collect pieces and use them to create your own r...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:55:19

    • Crazy Road Traffic Racer

      Crazy Road Traffic Rac v1.0

      Crazy Road Traffic Racer is an endless arcade racing game. Drive your sphere of fire through highway cubic traffic, earn cash, and Nitrous. Race with endless Traffic Racer. Use nitrous to boost your Traffic Racer car speed. Try to be the fastest traffic racer driver. En...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:54:01

    • Superhero Fighting

      Superhero Fighting v1.0a

      Superheroes Fighting Game Ready for a deadly battle? Choose your fighter and epic struggle to defeat your opponent in a deadly fight for survival on the planet. In Super Fight Game Heroes, visit the different areas of the galaxy to defeat the most fearsome fighters o...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:52:50

    • Infinite Fighter fighting game

      Infinite Fighter fight v1.0

      Free Android Fighting Game. Completely new and amazing fighting game! No more hard command! No longer need to memorize commands! Infinite Fighter Slide Action Control System allows you to easily and intuitively action control the character. Just Touch Slide! ...

      Updated:2016-5-21 17:49:39

    • Offroad Hill Limo Driving 3D

      Offroad Hill Limo Driv v1.1

      Get ready for one more round of a thrilling, swirling Hill Driving Simulation with Offroad Hill Limo Driving 3D. Luxury Limousine driving gets more exciting when you navigate on curvy hillside roads. Hold tight and keep alert as the ever twisting roads are going to tes...

      Updated:2016-5-20 10:56:11

    • Bomber 3D Free

      Bomber 3D Free v1.8

      When playing Bomber 3D, you will be role of a bomberman so that you will use the bombs to destroy all abstracts, monsters and zombies. Bomberman must kill for all enemies to get out of the danger area. Place your bombs and boom your opponent in an explosive trap. Do yo...

      Updated:2016-5-20 10:54:28

    • Boom BaBaBoom

      Boom BaBaBoom v1.4

      A lot of dragon was caught by monkeys, monkeys seem to have some evil plan! At that time, BaBaBear appeared, fight together with BaBaBear, and rescue dragons! Features: - A lot of droping items - Epic Boss Battle - Feed System: get powerful item inside your foods ...

      Updated:2016-5-20 10:49:05

    • Bike Racing 2 : Challenge

      Bike Racing 2 : Challe v1.5

      The best bike game is here! You cant stop play this game owing to gorgeus environment with perfect physics and graphics.Get as many coins as you can! Dont miss this simulation.Be the boss of the racecourses with your own style. The best motorcycle game in the worl...

      Updated:2016-5-20 10:47:28

    • Vicious Jellies

      Vicious Jellies v1.02

      Dear all mighty animal-lovers of the Earth, animals are in danger! Endangered species all around the world were discovered suffering an anonymous disease known to be caused by vicious jellies. These malicious jelly viruses are fiercely attacking our lovely animals...

      Updated:2016-5-20 10:43:53