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    • Drawtopia Premium

      Drawtopia Premium v1.0.1

      Come with us now on a journey through color and space as one ball undertakes an epic quest across some lines to reach an exit... or something like that anyway :) Draw your way to victory in this stylish physics puzzle game with over 60 unique levels! Draw shapes, lin...

      Updated:2016-4-30 16:44:36

    • Blocking five

      Blocking five v1.0.1

      You think its easy to mark five in a row. Your opponent think so, too. When the playing field is shorted and you quickly have to reassess the strategy, rows are blocked and time is running out... The smartest always wins. Because its not easy to win Blockingfive, ev...

      Updated:2016-4-30 16:35:54

    • Orbits Odyssey

      Orbits Odyssey v1.0.0

      Orbit’s Odyssey is a stimulating strategy puzzle game with a stunning art style. Play as intergalactic adventurer, Orbit, and traverse the multiverse collecting gems, exploring planets, and escaping an army of evil robot-monsters....

      Updated:2016-4-22 15:29:08

    • Open Bar

      Open Bar v1.2

      "This is a puzzle game that I will be playing for a long time to come." ~ Christine Chan (AppAdvice) - ***** "You better check out how good it looks in motion." ~ Clement Renaudin (Pocket Gamer) "Open Bar is a game that, beyond a set of fantastically designed puzz...

      Updated:2016-4-22 15:26:28

    • Viber Wonderball

      Viber Wonderball v1.20

      DOWNLOAD VIBER WONDERBALL FOR FREE! Join the Viber gang on their bouncy journey to Wonderland in this pachinko pinball style puzzle game! Bounce through hundreds of levels as you unlock exciting new worlds and compete with your Viber friends to see who can get the hi...

      Updated:2016-4-22 8:42:29

    • Dungenious

      Dungenious v1.0.672

      Dungenious lets you battle monsters while you learn! Upgrade your hero along with your mind with a mix of flashcards, quizzes, and dungeons. Upgrade your knowledge while fortifying your hero and and exploring dungeons. No need to procrastinate with games while you st...

      Updated:2016-4-19 9:13:25

    • AfterLoop

      AfterLoop v1.1.00

      PR8, the cute robot, will guide you in a fun and entertaining way in the unique universe of AfterLoop. Solve a wide range of puzzles with an incredible variety of challenges in the middle of a mysterious forest, escape from an arid desert, melt your ain in a shimmering ...

      Updated:2016-4-15 14:26:49

    • Cube Escape:Theatre

      Cube Escape:Theatre v1.3

      Welcome to the theatre of your mind. Tonight we have an engaging program, featuring a familiar cast. Fulfill all 6 plays in order to continue your journey. Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inve...

      Updated:2016-4-13 8:28:39

    • Just a Maze

      Just a Maze v7.0

      One of the most irritating games you have ever played. The way of game playing is really simple and straightforward, and It just consists of scattered objects over scenes and you make your character jump over the various objects. But, as I mentioned in shot exp...

      Updated:2016-3-30 13:38:48

    • Equinox

      Equinox v1.28.95

      Equinox - it may seem that it is usually difficult platformer, but if you play it a little longer, you will understand that it is something more. - 28 levels of different complexity; - Addictive gameplay; - The atmosphere that will keep you in suspense throughout t...

      Updated:2016-3-29 7:41:47

    • Pixel Craft  Free

      Pixel Craft Free v1.0.5

      Training your ain anytime! Take the amazing experience for you. Familiar memory, item and character are all in PixelCraft! Hundreds of amazing creative stage are created everyday! You can also create your own interesting stages and share to your friends! Come on! Bur...

      Updated:2016-3-26 11:58:53

    • Bad Light

      Bad Light v1.0.0.1

      Bad Light ings you a Puzzle Game Experience that Puts your Brain to the Ultimate Test.Use the Magical Crystal Power to Free the Medieval Kingdom from the Bad Light.Difficulty Progresses with Worlds. It’s time for you to help the Needy and Prove your Abilities.An amazing...

      Updated:2016-3-25 13:38:18

    • Block Sweeper

      Block Sweeper v1.0.2

      Welcome to Block Sweeper – a simple and smart new game. Eliminate the blocks by carefully figuring out the color of the blocks beneath them, until the board is cleared. You can take your time... or choose to play against it in Timed mode. Play through four levels ...

      Updated:2016-3-23 8:14:26

    • Build route

      Build route v1.0

      The adventures go on! This time our traveller sets out on a new quest where he’ll come to shortgrass prairie to play meerkats’ secret game. He’ll need your memory, mind and logic to collect all the stars. As well as games like Tetris, Snake, 2048 and Candy Crash Saga,...

      Updated:2016-3-23 7:59:58

    • Heatos

      Heatos v1.11

      It is challenging but relaxing and not hectic. Heatos is recommended for those who are looking for a special pastime that stands out from the crowd. Your main task in Heatos is to remove all negative temperatures (blue) from the game field....

      Updated:2016-3-17 10:23:09

    • Crystal Quest

      Crystal Quest v5

      Crystal Quest é um jogo no estilo puzzle capaz de testar a fundo seu senso de direção e memorização de caminhos. O jogo possui 10 níveis desafiadores, o objetivo é terminar o nível 10 com o máximo de baús abertos durante todo o jogo....

      Updated:2016-3-15 13:24:57

    • Tiles Machine

      Tiles Machine v1

      Tiles Machine the real logic game with exiting fun. Attractive Graphics and engaging game play leads to a new world of entertainment. Check how fast you can respond with Tiles Machine. Try it now....

      Updated:2016-3-12 12:48:31

    • Castle: 3D Hidden Objects

      Castle: 3D Hidden Obje v1.02

      Imprisoned in your own castles dungeon by the evil Wizard, today is YOUR day to escape and reclaim your throne - youre the rightful heir! Go into the villages inns, taverns, blacksmith and various halls then up and through to the secret tower of the castle. * This is...

      Updated:2016-3-9 8:26:42

    • Perfect Angle

      Perfect Angle v1.1

      Challenge your mind with puzzles that are based on optical illusions. Find the perfect angle by rotating the camera until order is restored, and discover a story that is full of mystery. REAL OPTICAL ILLUSIONS Nothing is what it seems! Sharpen your perception by bea...

      Updated:2016-3-8 8:17:31

    • Ram Boe

      Ram Boe v1.0.4

      RAM BOE is a casual puzzle game like the classic Sokoban, but with a different feel. The object of the game is to mix blocks of the same runecolor together using a cute mammal and push them inside the magic well. The game is set it up with some really smart puzzle ideas...

      Updated:2016-3-7 10:53:14