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    • Dream Puzzle: Unblock the Road

      Dream Puzzle: Unblock v1.1.8

      Here comes a simple yet mind-bending sliding puzzle game. You’ve seen the video – now the lives of those lost Dream Faeries are in your hands. Enjoy more than 1,000 hand-crafted slide puzzles as you collect magical cards to uncover the hidden facts in household fairy...

      Updated:2018-5-18 16:48:35

    • Dolan Kart

      Dolan Kart v1.0.180427

      Characters from the YouTube channel PLANET DOLAN come together in a homage to classic Mode 7 racing games to COMPETE for the single greatest kart run EVER! Download for FREE today and join the race!...

      Updated:2018-5-17 10:45:38

    • Escape the Mansion 3

      Escape the Mansion 3 v1.0.5

      Escape the Mansion takes you to a mysterious house on a hill, where confounding puzzles and addictive minigames are coming out of the walls. Ring in the new year with an all-new pack of puzzles! Keep the holiday spirit going year-round with ...

      Updated:2018-5-16 11:34:45

    • Tetrun: Parkour Mania

      Tetrun: Parkour Mania v0.9.14

      Experience a real parkour flow! Endless fun begins. Do not stop with a falling dice. Show your best freerunning moves! - climb as high as possible and discover all levels - avoid falling dice - show the best combo - overcome your friends - unlock all freerunning ...

      Updated:2018-5-16 11:32:31

    • Clash of Tribes: Stone Age Battle

      Clash of Tribes: Stone v1.1.8

      Let’s start your illiant 2018 by a funny action strategy game to battle with players around the world in real time. In the era of wildness and chaos after Ice Age, you will play as a young cunning captain of a tribe and battle with other gamers to scramble precious r...

      Updated:2018-5-16 11:25:56

    • Football Star - Super Striker

      Football Star - Super v0.0.8

      Time to make miracles! Kick the football with vim and vigor! Break records and unlock more distinctive characters! Challenge yourself and pass countless football challenges!...

      Updated:2018-5-15 11:30:59

    • Kitty Quest - Cat Adventure Game

      Kitty Quest - Cat Adve v0.83

      Travels with Kitty to the ancestral world of Màthair, where Kitty must save the butterflies with the help of small magical beings called Beags, and defeat the evil Baalh. Help Kitty in a incredible and epic adventure in a dark and beautiful world,crossing places like...

      Updated:2018-5-18 16:59:04

    • Online Head Ball

      Online Head Ball v32.08

      Spring Bag is here! Special characters and accessories are here for you! Are you ready to join the Online Head Ball community and climb the steps to the championship? Preferred by over 30 million football fans around the world and shown as one of the best football ga...

      Updated:2018-5-15 11:24:34

    • Elite Trials

      Elite Trials v1.0.11

      Elite Trials is the best new bike trial game loved by players around the world. It’s time for an extreme action! Unlock awesome bikes, race in fun and challenging single or multiplayer levels! Avoid dangerous obstacles like eaking glass, spikes, bombs and wind zones ...

      Updated:2018-5-15 11:21:24

    • Monster Craft 2

      Monster Craft 2 v1.0.5

      This is a battle between monsters. The evolution of the monster is up to you, until you rule the entire monster world. just now! You are just a larva! There is not much time left for you! ★ A variety of monsters will be combined to create different monsters. ★ You can...

      Updated:2018-5-15 11:18:51

    • Dragon Escape

      Dragon Escape v2.2

      Dragon Escape is an Arcade title, in which you.. run away from a dragon! Run as far as you can and discover new worlds! Collect diamonds and use them to unlock new characters, like Bear, Policeman, Zombie or the exclusive RoxMB skin! A "only one tap" runner in whi...

      Updated:2018-5-15 11:16:23

    • City miner: Mineral war

      City miner: Mineral wa v1.1.8

      City Miner: Mineral war At the present time, Earth resources are deprecated due to waste of resources. For the unknowable reason in recent years, mankind has become sick. You were dispatched to Central Asia to investigate the cause. Your mission is to find recycla...

      Updated:2018-5-14 17:14:40

    • Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack

      Hopeless Heroes: Tap A v1.1.01

      A giant terrible monster came outta nowhere and captured all the poor hopeless blobs! Well... Almost hopeless. Because now they have YOU! You are The Chosen Blob, and now its time to fulfill your destiny! Summon blob heroes from all over the blobiverse, and ing back ...

      Updated:2018-5-14 17:12:19

    • Flying Arrow

      Flying Arrow v1.6

      Flying Arrow - Endless 3D Arrow shooting game on Android! Flying arrow allows you to discover new areas with your flying arrow. Aim and throw your flying arrow through the world then control it to dodge obstacles and reach the most distant target ! Throw your f...

      Updated:2018-5-14 17:09:20

    • MotoCraft

      MotoCraft v1.0

      1. Multiple Playing Modes: Everyone can join FOUR PERSON MATCH worldwide to increasing ranking level and win rewards; Or you can join ONE HUNDREAD PEOPLE MATCH to get more precious gifts; Or you can join SINGLE PLAYER to collelct precious pieces to get awesome fortune....

      Updated:2018-5-14 17:07:03

    • Guns Royale - Multiplayer Blocky Battle Royale

      Guns Royale - Multipla v1.0

      BATTLE in online multiplayer games when you play the new open arena game Guns Royale! Survive the battlegrounds, improve your shooting skills, play in AR, and develop new PVP tactics for FREE! The race is on to collect new guns and level-up before your competition. D...

      Updated:2018-5-14 17:00:13

    • Zigzag Space Frontier

      Zigzag Space Frontier v1.0.5

      If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulate sky shooting, so Zigzag Space Frontier Shooter: Galaxy attack game is game for you. One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of space intruders and the alien shooters. They destroyed all of squadron. You...

      Updated:2018-5-14 16:57:36

    • Charlies Planet

      Charlies Planet v3.3

      Educational, non-addictive and ad-free game for kids from 3 to 5 years old. Charlie’s Planet is a colorful and cheerful game that contains puzzles of various difficulty and gameplay. The game is designed to educate kids on the life of animals in their natural habita...

      Updated:2018-5-14 16:52:34

    • Stickman Archer 2

      Stickman Archer 2 v2.0

      Second part game Stickman Archer. Destroy enemies and stay alive!! Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag and drop your finger for targeting and firing. Simulator shooting with bow. The enemy is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso, an arm o...

      Updated:2018-5-14 16:50:05

    • Still Here... DEMO

      Still Here... DEMO v0.20.12

      Why did mankind leave earth? Set in the near future, ‘Still Here’ is a 2D flight game which takes you on journey through a beautiful dystopian world with lots of secrets and unique locations to discover. Players control curious little creatures called ‘Pip’ that visi...

      Updated:2018-5-11 11:09:11