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    • Blade Adventure Lite

      Blade Adventure Lite v1.0.4

      This is a pure sword fight action game! A young swordman, fight against zombies, ninjas and samurais. Defeat crazy waves of demons and monsters. Practice sword skills and assign your strength correctly. Upgrade skill to more powerful to face strong enemies. ...

      Updated:2014-5-23 18:05:15

    • Color Fight

      Color Fight v1.3.1

      Martial arts tired conduct single fights ending awareness of equality forces - unthinkable bloody battle ended in a draw and the men again and again disagreed on the corners , wanting one momentous day prove unstoppable force. And so the day came in the annex Color Figh...

      Updated:2014-4-18 17:28:06

    • Flop Fu - Physics Fighter

      Flop Fu - Physics Figh v1.3

      "Could be one of the dumbest mobile games ever made." —GamesBeat "An unexpectedly well-polished fighting game." —PocketGamer Fun, hilarious and totally out of the ordinary, Flop Fu is a ragdoll fighter with both single player and realtime multiplayer modes. Flop and f...

      Updated:2014-4-2 7:22:05

    • Infinity War: Heritage

      Infinity War: Heritage v1.0.5

      The Guild live by the sword and give law to the land. Its time for revolution. Swipe this way and that and ing death upon your enemies in this Samurai-style sword fighting game inspired by Infinity Blade and Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. Take the Sacred Temple back for...

      Updated:2014-3-29 8:54:43

    • Beyond Fighting 2

      Beyond Fighting 2 v1.0.4

      Beyond Fighting 2 is finally here and its better than ever! Packed with intense beat em up action and massive new features! Its just you and your opponent - until knock out! So get ready, for the second part of the action packed fighting-game series! 16 UPGRADABLE CH...

      Updated:2014-4-23 16:59:14

    • TapTapSumo Free

      TapTapSumo Free v1.1.4

      Tap Tap Sumo is an action game based on a Japanese traditional game Paper Sumo. You will start the match as a little paper sumo wrestler, but can be stronger by exchange of the character which you beated down. Each character has different bout style. Find a suitab...

      Updated:2014-2-21 10:37:48

    • G.R.B

      G.R.B v1.0.1

      Beat off every enemy that interfere with you and destroy enemys landmark....

      Updated:2014-1-26 23:54:45

    • Crazy Boxing Fighting

      Crazy Boxing Fighting v1.0.0

      Challenge the opponents in a boxing game.And knockout your opponent use your boxers in this Boxing Championship. Its real addictive game,you will love it....

      Updated:2014-1-8 16:23:09

    • Pacific Rim

      Pacific Rim v1.9.0

      Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Piloting weaponized robots known as Jaegers, Earth’s defenders must train their jockeys from rookie to ace in a ...

      Updated:2014-1-21 21:58:56

    • UFB - Ultimate Fighting Bros

      UFB - Ultimate Fightin v1.0.1

      Put your gloves on and step inside the arena because it’s time for the big fight of the night! The Ultimate Fighting Bros are ready for a big fighting show! Choose to play the single or multiplayer mode and get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time. Can you win this epic...

      Updated:2014-2-4 3:06:43


      SOULCALIBUR v1.0.2

      The series first appeared in arcades in 1998. By the following year it had been ported to home video game consoles. Now the highly acclaimed “SOULCALIBUR” series is available on Google Play. Enjoy the memorable characters and non-stop action that SOULCALIBUR is renowned...

      Updated:2013-12-31 12:30:32

    • Kung Fu Craft

      Kung Fu Craft v11.182

      Kungfu Craft – feel yourself as a real kungfu fighter! Did you ever seen kungfu fights? Or at least you know what the mortal combat is? So If you like boxing games, fights and wrestling you will definitely enjoy new Kungfu Craft app! New version of the old game never m...

      Updated:2013-12-3 9:51:16

    • Naruto Fight Shadow Blade X

      Naruto Fight Shadow Bl v0.3.0

      Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X is an amateur 2D fighting game for Android from fans of the Naruto universe. Project "Naruto Fight" is at the early stage of development, so this beta version may have problems, but the project is developing rapidly. Download, play the ga...

      Updated:2013-11-4 16:13:41

    • Fists For Fighting

      Fists For Fighting v1.5

      Put gloves on and use his fists to achieve your goal. In Fx3 take the role of different fighters, each fighting for different reasons and giving everything of whether to beat all their opponents. Buy full version and get this features: - Fully 3d - Super combos - ...

      Updated:2014-9-9 22:17:16

    • Super KO Fighting

      Super KO Fighting v1.0.3

      The hottest first person fighting game! ! ! The most realistic hitting effects and smoothest game control! ! ! This is the real battle between males! ! ! Only the strongest man can be the King of Fighters! ! ! Control the hero to fight against the enemy! ! !...

      Updated:2013-7-26 11:42:23

    • Boxing Final Championship

      Boxing Final Champions v1.0

      Hands down the funnest Boxing game for Android! Fight through multiple rounds of increasingly difficult opponents to claim the World Championship belt. Game Features ★ Plenty of boxing superstars are set for your choice ★ Various and fun game modes ★ Increasing s...

      Updated:2013-7-6 19:17:16

    • Slashers: Intense Weapon Fight

      Slashers: Intense Weap v0.89

      Slashers slashes its way to ing back the old 2d fighting games spirit and challenge with simple game mechanics and tactical gameplay. Main Features: * Choose from 9 unique fighters with different abilities: Characters include an Ottoman warrior who wields a dagger...

      Updated:2013-8-26 15:47:31

    • SiSiHan Fighter Dash

      SiSiHan Fighter Dash v0.15

      Fighter fluff River * Power * five * Teufen Dash! (Sisihan Figher Ultra Open!) Gathered the weakest fighter in the world. Who will take the place of the strongest stands! Infinite combos and special moves in Super survive a prerequisite for speaking! Sin...

      Updated:2013-7-1 17:50:10

    • SP Fighter

      SP Fighter v1.0.2

      Exercise by shaking the smartphone! Sumaho clasped firmly in hand, I shake the smartphone to hit the jab. We have introduced a COM-battle game system so you can enjoy exercise alone. I have created an image of a certain fighting game. Guard by having vertically ...

      Updated:2013-6-22 19:15:14

    • DinoFight

      DinoFight v1.0

      Take a step back into time, and control your favorite dinosaur! Bite, Claw, and tear through your opponent. Feel the power of the dinos as you upgradde them with deadly armour. Take on your opponent through 3 types of game modes such as: single player, multiplayer, and ...

      Updated:2013-6-15 17:09:20