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    • Little Bigfoot

      Little Bigfoot v1.11

      Size Does Matter! Experience the immense world of your favorite mythological creatures and much, much more. RESCUE! your captured pack scattered across the globe ESCAPE! from bumbling Hunters, nosey Hounds and secret Agencies ...

      Updated:2016-11-3 20:12:18

    • RapStronaut

      RapStronaut v0.7.4

      RAPSTRONAUT : SPACE JOURNEY FUN NEW FREE JETPACK ADVENTURE GAME Experience the famous Indonesia youtuber: RAP in his first mission after graduation. ...

      Updated:2016-10-25 12:38:34

    • Horror Craft

      Horror Craft v1.16

      Horror Craft Scary Exploration Survival to gra dla chłopców i gra dla dziewczynek za darmo, dająca możliwość budowania, a także eksploracji strasznego świata w 3D za darmo po polsku. Eksploracja na najwyższym poziomie. Uważaj na straszne duchy i krwiożercze wilkołaki! ...

      Updated:2016-10-23 9:44:09

    • Supermarket Escape Dash

      Supermarket Escape Das v1.2

      The Burglar is on the move. This time in supermarket where the guards are standing in different positions but stealing is not easy especially when the things doesn’t really go the way you want. Something went wrong that let the crazy dinosaurs enter in the mart. Now you...

      Updated:2016-10-21 13:45:05

    • Undergrave — Pixel Roguelike

      Undergrave — Pixel Rog v0.1.5

      Undergrave is a pixel art platform game with roguelike elements about alchemy and demons, in which every playthrough is unique. In the game you control a character, which can attack enemies with a chain and throw potions or drink them. To obtain potions, you must craf...

      Updated:2016-10-16 15:55:28

    • Geisterwelt

      Geisterwelt v1.0

      Der reiche Nolan Gallagher lässt auf dem Schrottplatz seinen Nachlass versteigern: einen mysteriösen Helm. Was steckt hinter der seltsamen Auktion? Führt die merkwürdige Kopfbedeckung ihren Besitzer etwa zu einem wertvollen Nachlass? ...

      Updated:2016-10-11 12:40:23

    • Cat Noir Miraculous Adventure

      Cat Noir Miraculous Ad v1.0

      In this Cat Noir game the hero has to pass various tests and beat Dragon to save cat noir finally. So many threats are waiting for cat noir! You will have the most miraculous and exciting moments when playing this game. As a partner of our super hero, you guys will f...

      Updated:2016-10-4 15:12:56

    • ABC Murders

      ABC Murders v1.0

      Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Your weapon is your knowledge. Your wits will be put to the ultimate test! The ABC Murders is an adventure and investigation game adapted from the classic Agatha Christie novel. The player embodies the famous Hercule Poirot in a 3rd pe...

      Updated:2016-9-30 12:27:26

    • The Final Take

      The Final Take v1.1

      Relive dark footage recorded from the perspective of multiple characters in this unique first person horror. Each character has had an alternate experience in different locations, but they all have something in common which connects them. Take control of a young female ...

      Updated:2016-9-29 19:11:17

    • Dead Reckoning: Case

      Dead Reckoning: Case v1.0

      You’ve been called in to solve a strange murder in one of the most unique locales imaginable, a traveling carnival. No witnesses have yet come forward, and everyone denies knowing the victim, but are they hiding something? These folks sure do know how to keep secrets, s...

      Updated:2016-9-29 19:09:00

    • Dont Pop Dungeon

      Dont Pop Dungeon v1.1

      Hidden away deep in a jungle forest lies a mysterious dungeon. Discovered long ago then forgotten, only to be discovered again by the planets new inhabitants. As they explore different areas of the old world. Curiosity gets the best of everyone sooner or later. Soon it ...

      Updated:2016-9-23 12:55:42

    • Adventure Dogs

      Adventure Dogs v0.17b3

      Gaming is off the leash in this action-packed platforming adventure! RUN, JUMP and SWING to victory! Help Arthur, Haya Wyatt explore a lush imaginative universe, full of challenging worlds. Adventure Dogs is updated regularly with exciting new content! ★ 3 playa...

      Updated:2016-9-20 13:15:52

    • Power Ninja

      Power Ninja v1.16.1

      Power Ninja runs automatically, you control him by tapping, he can jump, wall-slide, wall-jump and Glide. Enjoy 96 fun levels with 6 different Boss battles. ...

      Updated:2016-9-14 18:47:37

    • Space Rangers:Quest

      Space Rangers:Quest v1.0.3

      First game for the franchise on mobile ever! SPACE RANGERS: QUEST is a new text adventure in the world of Space Rangers with a touch of nostalgia. Save the Coalition from the new threat! Choose a space ship and sail on a journey. You are to research the origin of the...

      Updated:2016-9-14 11:01:12

    • LEGO:DC Super Heroes

      LEGO:DC Super Heroes v7.0.143

      LEGO® DC Super Heroes Form the ultimate super hero squad with the heroes of DC Comics’ Justice League and take down evil in this three-against-three Heroes Vs Villains tag-team battle arcade game. ...

      Updated:2016-9-12 13:38:35

    • Randals Monday

      Randals Monday v3

      Randal’s Monday is a graphic adventure game, featuring a classic gameplay style and a storyline full of humor. This means that getting to watch the ending won’t be that easy. The player will have to test his skills to overcome some of the obstacles he will find, but the...

      Updated:2016-9-12 13:34:56

    • Tiny Explorers

      Tiny Explorers v0.9.46

      Become a hero as you journey through the astonishing world of Tiny Explorers. Packed with action, adventure and imagination aplenty, Will you be the one to save the world? The game involves 3 main characters who start out on an exciting and mysterious adventure durin...

      Updated:2016-9-11 11:17:56

    • Reed

      Reed v1.0.1d

      Reed - is a small creature, the latest creation of the old supercomputer. Old supercomputer dies, he has lost all of the cubes and he began to slow down... Without a supercomputer, around the game world will come to an end. Can you help him? Can you collect all ...

      Updated:2016-9-7 10:29:12

    • Unknown: Matter of Time

      Unknown: Matter of Tim v1.0.0

      JUMP INTO A TIME-BENDING ADVENTURE You find yourself shipwrecked on the very island your grandfather was seeking out years ago. It’s up to you to solve the mystery of his disappearance! • UNCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR GRANDFATHER’S FATE Your grandfather came upon th...

      Updated:2016-9-4 18:31:50

    • Escape Game: Christmas

      Escape Game: Christmas v1.5.2

      I came to a friends house at the Christmas party. But, it was trapped....

      Updated:2016-8-27 12:08:30