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    • GelaTennis

      GelaTennis v1.0.1

      The goal of GelaTennis is simply to achieve the highest score. That objective can be achieved best by keeping the most balls alive for the longest possible time....

      Updated:2013-5-26 9:19:56

    • Balleng

      Balleng v1.3beta

      Have you ever played in the Ballance on a PC? If so, then you certainly remember, what was the atmosphere of the game: great graphics, physics masterpiece fascinated eyes the player. We were inspired by the game Ballance and want all users of Android devices could again...

      Updated:2013-5-15 20:22:14

    • Collision

      Collision v1.1

      Collision is a fast paced, endless action avoider game! Use your reflexes to dodge and evade obstacles for as long as you can and rack up a massive highscore to show off on the online leaderboards and share to friends on Facebook and Twitter!! You can even WIN PRIZES ...

      Updated:2013-5-15 14:39:57

    • Fireballs HD

      Fireballs HD v1.1

      Players control the fireball with the buttons onscreen. The goal is to not hit the borders or other players and be the last one to survive! If you like 2 Player Reactor or Achtung : Die Kurve, you must like our game too!...

      Updated:2013-5-11 11:01:21

    • Safe Krackers

      Safe Krackers v2.2

      Experience a 3D mind-twisting high speed mission through the inner tumblers of a bank safe vault. Youll need to make quick decisions, choose the appropriate tools for the job, and pick those tumblers. Become a master safe cracker. Your goal is simple. Go for the Gold!...

      Updated:2013-5-11 10:34:59

    • Loomar

      Loomar v1.0

      Keep-ups with alien artifacts has never been so visually appealing! - Great visuals - Dynamic music system - Facebook leader-board - Track your statistics Completely free-to-play, why not give it a try?...

      Updated:2013-5-10 17:47:41

    • Shape Match

      Shape Match v1.0.1

      Match the figures of various shapes to the frame of same shape and clear the stages. Its very simple to play this game : just touch the screen in proper timing and then you will clear the stage. Various levels of states: basic level, combination level, and move...

      Updated:2013-7-29 9:11:45

    • Marble Droid

      Marble Droid v1.0

      Full 3D Marble Platforming on Android! Rolling onto Google Play in 2012, Marble Droid is the first 3D platforming Marble game on mobile devices, in which the player pilots their marble through 3 colorful worlds! Challenges await you in Easy, Medium and Hard stages. Ea...

      Updated:2013-5-6 11:25:26

    • Balance Ball 3D

      Balance Ball 3D v1.2

      Balance Ball 3D ings you into the magical physical casual game world! Mysterious music! Fresh background! Realistic G-acceleration physics engine! Once you start it, you will find it’s hardly to put it down! Get ready for the best casual game of 2013! Game Des...

      Updated:2014-4-20 9:44:36

    • Falldown Multiball

      Falldown Multiball v1.0.5

      Falldown Multiball is a simple and addictive game. Tilt you device to control the ball. Fall through the holes to score points. Dont let the ball touch the top of the screen. Collect more balls to score more points! Features: - Realistic physics - Multiball bonus ...

      Updated:2013-4-30 9:59:14

    • Orts

      Orts v1.6

      An addicting physics based game involving strategy and quick decision making. Based on the laws of physics, particularly the law of reflection, every shape can be steered to the correct target... the trick is deciding whether to make contact before it passes the cent...

      Updated:2013-4-29 12:09:06

    • Missile Dodge

      Missile Dodge v1.0.1

      The goal is simple - Try to stay alive as long as you can. You are a UFO dodging missiles coming from all directions in different sizes and speed. After every game, the time you earn will be saved to the time meter, you can buy items at the shop with it; these item...

      Updated:2013-4-28 10:59:56

    • Basketball MMC

      Basketball MMC v1.2

      A 3D basketball game like youve never seen before! Challenge your friends on 3-points shots. Explore the various game atmospheres. Will you manage to pass the fierce defenders? Several control modes and difficulties....

      Updated:2013-4-25 14:53:14

    • World Box Plane

      World Box Plane v1.6.1

      Geometrolaktika - is one of the next lonely galaxies of our vast Universe. Being the oldest, it passed many billions years of life and transferred from different civilizations. Residents of different by the form planets lived in peace and harmony with each other, but...

      Updated:2013-8-3 17:55:08

    • FastBall  3

      FastBall 3 v1.2.2

      Fastest ball in the planet, addicted by 5 million players, is back with its 3rd installment and is now bigger, better and faster than ever. With this version, youll have the ultimate FastBall experience with state of the art graphics, animation, musicSFX and new game me...

      Updated:2014-8-30 17:46:03

    • Critical Altitude 3D

      Critical Altitude 3D v1.2p

      Online Highscore server - compete against other Android and iPhone players! 3D Accelerometer based flight game featuring OpenGL ES graphics. Dodge endless levels to get the highest score online! 3D graphics Accelerometer steering Endless levels Online Highscor...

      Updated:2013-4-14 12:19:17

    • SideBall Free

      SideBall Free v1.008

      With the success of Lets Bowl 2: Bowling with Friends, SideBUMP Studios ings you another addictive skee-ball like app! Were putting this classic arcade game right in you pocket for hours of gaming fun! With a quick flick, roll your balls up the ramp and into the numbe...

      Updated:2013-9-23 19:28:25

    • Dino Madness Pinball

      Dino Madness Pinball v1.8

      An amazing, fast-paced Pinball Board Simulator featuring super-addictive gameplay, stunning HD visuals and state-of-the-art physics simulation. Beat the T-Rex, crack the Egg and save the Baby Dino! Features: - Challenging missions in addition to traditional hiscor...

      Updated:2013-4-2 13:32:35

    • Car Parking

      Car Parking v1.0.7

      Car Parking is a 3D car simulator game. This game simulates various parking skill. In this game, you can get an overall view of the car’s position in a 3D optic angle outside the car.And you can also shift to the inside of the car to get a drivers view, and also g...

      Updated:2013-8-3 21:36:25

    • Fire  Truck Parking 3D

      Fire Truck Parking 3D v1.1

      One of the best games weve done, this time try to park 3D trucks, play fire truck this great 3D so you can parking and the best you can park in the right place. We have over 20 levels to keep you entertained, this fire truck is really good and you can drive with this i...

      Updated:2014-1-31 5:01:59