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    • Flip : Surfing Colors

      Flip : Surfing Colors v0.4.1

      Lets get started skateboarding in the famous cities in the world. The cities are beautifully colored and you can eak the colors of obstacles with full of thrills! Compete your ultimate speed with your friends and, of course, win them over! Main Features: + Smooth...

      Updated:2018-5-5 10:18:16

    • Baseball Star

      Baseball Star v1.5.3

      ■ Features 1) No need to connect to the internet. 2) Enjoy the game comfortably with plentiful daily free bonus like player cards, items, game points etc. 3) Enjoy a real full 3D baseball game with playing mode and management mode. 4) Create your team and build up y...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:44:52


      TAP KNIFE v1.0.24

      A pile of rocks before ones eyes I have a knife in my hand. Throw the knife into the pile of rocks. The rock is hit by a knife! Huh? The rock is oken by the sword? The small stuff keeps coming out of the rock. Even if you eak it, new products are constantly...

      Updated:2018-5-25 10:34:11

    • Empires and Allies

      Empires and Allies v1.58.1096834

      Join your friends, form alliances, build your army and prepare for battle. Welcome to Empires Allies, the critically acclaimed modern-military strategy game that puts the weapons of today’s armies at your fingertips, in a battle for control of the globe. FEATURES...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:37:40

    • The Leap

      The Leap v1.1

      The leap is a relaxing game with beautiful visuals, stunning animations and soothing music. In a desolated world, a block sets off on a journey to the realms of darkness. Take the block on a magical adventure journey through 6 mystical worlds, jumping from one platfo...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:33:47

    • Ramboat 2 - Soldier Shooting Game

      Ramboat 2 - Soldier Sh v1.0.28

      A new Ramboat shooter adventure, a new war where to prove you’re the hero soldier who will defeat the Coronel and his army! Discover a New action arcade experience full of guns and bullets! Collect weapons, upgrade and customize your soldier, drive military vehicles, ge...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:31:02

    • Pirate Code - PVP Battles at Sea (Unreleased)

      Pirate Code - PVP Batt v0.7.5

      Take to the high seas in full scale PvP naval warfare, with fast paced conflicts packed with ship-to-ship seaborne action. Choose to play as a lone wolf, or join a fleet and take part in epic ten player skirmishes at sea. Choose a captain armed with unique firepower, bo...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:28:12

    • Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It! (Unreleased)

      Knife vs Fruit: Just S v0.5

      2018s best knife throwing casual game "Knife vs Fruit" Knife vs Fruit is a very fun and exciting knife flipping game. The goal of this game is to hit and stab all the rotating targets; these targets can be fruit, vegetables or yummy desserts. It’s an easy one finger ...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:24:26

    • Moon Surfing

      Moon Surfing v1.0.4

      In Moon Surfing, you grab a solar board and surf the moon’s dusty hills and steep craters. It is up to you – if you roam freely, perhaps practicing some kickflips, or if you head directly to the marked waypoints. All the game’s 5184 areas are procedurally generated. ...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:21:29

    • Sailor Cats (Unreleased)

      Sailor Cats (Unrelease v1.0

      The cutest fish-and-grow one tap collecting game! ⭐ From the developers featured on the TOP 10 GOOGLE PLAY INDIE GAMES ⭐ Aye aye, Captain! :D Do you need some chill out time? Wanna play a relaxing but super fun adventure game and collect lots of cute and nerdy thi...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:18:55

    • Taptap Heroes (Unreleased)

      Taptap Heroes (Unrelea v1.0.0022

      Tap Tap Heroes finds you centered in the continent of Mystia where heroes gather, In Mystia, a holy sword which carries the power of creation has been discovered by Freya, the queen of hell. As a result, Freya has plans to exploit the power of the holy sword and take ov...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:15:59

    • Buster Dash - Fun casual retro adventure game

      Buster Dash - Fun casu v1.11

      They have kidnapped Nina’s friend. Help the protagonist to rescue him while exploring and destroying the different worlds: Clash of worlds in Buster Dash! Buster Dash is a free and funny game combines arcade, action, adventure and skillfulness with a touch that evoke...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:12:58

    • Spike City

      Spike City v1.0.4

      Explore exciting worlds and solve tricky challenges in this action-packed platforming game! - Spiky platforming action! - Just swipe up, down, left, and right to move around! - Stick into walls with your powerful spike! - Endless challenges! - Awesome Level Mode!...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:10:09

    • R otator

      R otator v1.0

      Right! Right! Right! Think quick and hold to rotate right. Pass your ball into a tunnel full of obstacles and be rewarded with a magnificent cards! Very easy to play but very hard to masterize. Get coins, daily rewards, prizes and unlock new balls!...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:06:54

    • Idle Zoo Tycoon: Tap, Build & Upgrade a Custom Zoo

      Idle Zoo Tycoon: Tap, v1.0.0

      Tap, collect and raise your very own zoo animals in Idle Zoo Tycoon, the incremental idle zoo clicker game! Raise zoo animals and upgrade them to increase their birth rate and value, then sell them for a profit to expand your business with just a tap! Use your profits t...

      Updated:2018-5-4 16:03:34

    • Module TD. Sci-Fi Tower Defense

      Module TD. Sci-Fi Towe v1.44

      This is Sci-fi Tower Defense created by gamers for gamers. Fight Epic battles with variety of different towers. Defend your core to fight another day! Highly customizable towers with 5 basic elements and more than 31 unique modules. Find the best combination for your ul...

      Updated:2018-5-8 11:17:41

    • Goldrush: Westward Settlers!

      Goldrush: Westward Set v2.3.7

      Havent you heard? The Gold Rush is here! Strike it rich on the frontier! On your way to the west in search of gold, your wagon eaks down! Now youre stuck in a hidden valley with a bunch of intriguing settlers. Dont fret! Build a great boomtown and explore the beautif...

      Updated:2018-5-2 11:10:56

    • Garfields  Escape

      Garfields Escape v1.0.1

      The world’s favorite cat-and-dog duo is back! Forever lazy fat cat, GARFIELD, and kind-but-clueless dog, ODIE, come to life in an action-packed RUNNING game! Taking good care of your pets involves keeping them clean at all times. In the Arbuckle household, its quite ...

      Updated:2018-5-2 11:04:21

    • Dark Legends

      Dark Legends v2.1.6

      From world renowned developer Spacetime Studios - creators of the smash hit Pocket Legends - comes the most immersive Vampire experience on mobile! Become an immortal Vampire with deadly fangs, super speed, and incredible strength. Ascend from the streets of Carvina to ...

      Updated:2018-5-2 11:00:08

    • Firefight

      Firefight v1.0.0

      Firefight is a World War II real-time simulation game with more AI and attention to detail than any other game in its genre to date. Tanks are modelled with a physics engine and have gears, rev counters and speedos, and steer themselves with ake levers to give them real...

      Updated:2018-5-2 10:56:09