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    • Four Seekers

      Four Seekers v2.0.0.0

      The portal of Lucio is now opened, Gargoyles and other monsters are getting out to kill men, taking women and children as prisoners. Join Philip, Floyd, Zarie and Dwayne as they save their loved ones against Lucio, the King of Gargoyles....

      Updated:2016-5-6 15:21:47

    • Jar Dwellers S.O.S.

      Jar Dwellers S.O.S. v1.0

      For nearly 200 years, three weird creatures were hidden away in glass jars in the cellar of the Bateman Academy… At least, until two students found them! Free at last, the Jar Dwellers are intent on exploring the modern world. But unfortunately, they’ve forgotten all th...

      Updated:2016-5-6 13:36:40

    • Amidakuji Knight

      Amidakuji Knight v1.21

      Ghost leg rules meets RPG! Select the best path and save a princess! ...

      Updated:2016-5-4 13:18:44

    • Willihard

      Willihard v1.6

      A young man was looking at a beautiful and green Land from far away. He was Ivar. In a moonlight night a terrifying dragon attacks the Castle and thereafter, their Land loses its flourishing condition and magnificence. Ivar asked the King about the attack and the reason...

      Updated:2016-5-4 12:03:44

    • MadOut Open City

      MadOut Open City v2

      Broken, Bouncing on the bumps, not always fitting into the turns, they fly at maximum speed, being drawn by the one desire to win. Unlike other games where you can only push your competition off the track, this game will allow you to creatively get rid of opponents. How...

      Updated:2016-4-29 11:02:53

    • Kerohiro the Flag Bearer

      Kerohiro the Flag Bear v1.0.1

      You play as Kerohiro, a frog. Instead of crossing rivers and busy roads, you wield flag. Form you own team, unite them under your flag. Lead your team to fight for glory, unveil secret conspiracy, explore dungeons and meet with other cool characters. Play as a...

      Updated:2016-4-22 15:17:05

    • Dear Red

      Dear Red v1.0.3

      Dear RED is a psychology choice based RPG game created in 2014. The game is originally in Vietnamese, and being translated into English by Blurry Mind. There are 16 endings in the game, and some of them are short, some are long. The playtime will be longer or not, it al...

      Updated:2016-4-22 15:07:27

    • Redawn The Fall

      Redawn The Fall v1.1.2

      In this first installment of the Redawn Series, play as William, a former knight in the kingdom of Comid, who attempt to save the kingdom from a rogue organization! Follow William and his teammates in their adventures through various cities, cavern, island and more in a...

      Updated:2016-4-16 19:40:40

    • Greenskin Invasion Roguelike

      Greenskin Invasion Rog v2.0.1

      Dungeon Adventure: Greenskin Invasion its second game in Dungeon Adventure series.Like first game its classic roguelike with permadeath in fantasy setting. Some game elements was take from old school and tabletop rpg games. This time heroes must defend lands from gre...

      Updated:2016-4-13 7:58:24

    • The Ables:Freepoint High

      The Ables:Freepoint Hi v1.0

      As a powerful young Super Hero known as an "Absorber", you can use the abilities of any super-powered being near you! Collect and master many different super powers in order to save your friends from the mysterious Cardinal and her followers The Believers who have attac...

      Updated:2016-4-12 10:14:02

    • Mobius of Magic

      Mobius of Magic v1.2

      Your adventure begins at the Harbour of Thalmur, where you have been training with your master, Roku the Sorcerer. After completing your final test, your master asks your to deliver an ancient relic to Leena, a mistress of White Magic. Unaware of the adventure you are a...

      Updated:2016-4-7 15:37:57

    • Monster&Commander

      Monster&Commander v1.4.0

      Help King Bacon claim the castles conquered by the evil Necrommander - you are the last hope to restore prosperity and peace to the Kingdom. Ride your loyal monster into battle and wreak havoc on your opponents!...

      Updated:2016-3-29 7:40:37

    • A Hunters Curse

      A Hunters Curse v1.0.3

      A comedy rpg with a pick up and go nature! Put your skills to the test as violent bosses continuously test your skills and patience. Enjoy this simple yet entertaining adventure crafted in rpg maker with beautiful artwork from Aekashics! Will you defeat all the bosse...

      Updated:2016-3-23 15:44:56

    • Paper Wizard

      Paper Wizard v1.2

      Dual stick shooter RPG ! Paper Wizard ! Save the Paperians world, Booktopia with your thumbs! ■ Wizards and monsters in papercraft art styles ■ Dual joystick control : one for movement other for basic skill “3 class - FIRE, ICE and LIGHTNING” ■ 2 basic skill...

      Updated:2016-3-23 8:43:29

    • Mothership The Sequel

      Mothership The Sequel v1.0

      M:TS is is a touch-based game for mobile and tablet devices. The game is played as a reverse SHMUP where the player controls the final boss as waves of AI-controlled Heroes attempt to destroy the last ship in the game. The player will face many different Hero types with...

      Updated:2016-3-17 15:04:02

    • Heroes & Legends: Conq Kolhar

      Heroes & Legends: v1.2

      Wielding sword or spell, help your party of heroes carve a pathway through hordes of demons, undead, and mythical monsters as you race to thwart an ancient prophecy of doom from unfolding in this action-packed fantasy role-playing epic. Blending combat and strategy, Her...

      Updated:2016-3-15 15:13:57

    • Skilltree Saga

      Skilltree Saga v3.82

      Skilltree Saga is the first casual RPG with Rogue-like Elements in Aventurien - the world of The Dark Eye. Choose your race as human, elf or dwarf and battle your random generated opponents in up to 100 deep stages with numerous skill, which you can advance and enhance...

      Updated:2016-3-14 9:58:20

    • Rencounter

      Rencounter v1.0.0

      Rencounter is a difficult, turn-based, RPG, roguelike game with a mysterious atmosphere. The world of Rencounter is immersed in gloom. The game begins in a maze full of bloodthirsty enemies, valuable resources, and secrets. Help your squad survive while navigating thro...

      Updated:2016-3-10 14:40:09

    • Angelo

      Angelo v3.0.00

      Angelo had something to draw for school today but he completely forgot to do it! Help him to get out of this mess by finding out a illiant plan! You are not alone, Lola and Victor are there to help. Find the tools needed, explore the house, set a trap for Alvina ......

      Updated:2016-3-9 7:57:32

    • Minaurs

      Minaurs v1.0.4

      A stunning adventure with unique gameplay based on exploring and rescuing lost Minaur Nation scattered in various planets underworlds of the Minaurs Universe. A catastrophe has occured and now you are one of the few surviving Minaurs. Your quest is to rescue and reunite...

      Updated:2016-3-8 10:23:50