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    • Flying Car Simulator 3D

      Flying Car Simulator 3 v1.6

      Get in the driver seat of the specially modified sports car, do amazing stunts and drifts in the city city streets or offroad or activate airplane flight mode and turn your fast sports car into a unique flying car!! In an instance you went from a top car driving expert ...

      Updated:2017-1-4 20:28:27

    • Dumper Truck Driver Simulator Free

      Dumper Truck Driver Si v1.0.1

      You’ve worked mediocre truck driver jobs now get ready to drive real truck and face realistic dump driving challenges in city streets big road. Play Dumper Truck Driver Simulator to enjoy adrenaline filled advanced driving levels as garbage dumpster, driller crane oper...

      Updated:2017-1-1 18:21:42

    • Boyfriend Craft

      Boyfriend Craft v1.1

      My Virtual boyfriend in a girls craft world! Dating sims high school crush game! A game where you can have a boyfriend in a blocky world! Build, create and explore pocket edition of the world! Boyfriend mod for Minicraft! Creative game for teenage girls! Make a sweet sc...

      Updated:2016-12-29 18:57:22

    • Kids Tailor:Make Clothes

      Kids Tailor:Make Cloth v1.0.113

      The fashion tailor shop is going to decorate in Christmas theme. The little tailor is preparing to make fashionable clothes. Choose your favorite faic, design your own style and put special beautiful decorations on the clothes. ...

      Updated:2016-12-29 18:51:36

    • Real Cargo Train Simulator

      Real Cargo Train Simul v1.0

      Be the railroad king in this newest train driving games. Operate heavy machinery like a crane lift to load your cargo train. Drive heavy locomotive engine and transport cargo from one city junction to another. For a passionate speed driving journey, step in this 3D cran...

      Updated:2016-12-25 15:11:40

    • Parrot Animal Simulator 3D

      Parrot Animal Simulato v1.1

      Do you love animal simulators? Become a fugitive pet – a macaw parrot escaped from his masters and trying to survive in the cruel big city with City Bird Parrot Simulator 3D! Fly in the sky trying to be a real city bird! Search for food to survive and explore city bl...

      Updated:2016-12-22 13:12:34

    • Live Tuber Story

      Live Tuber Story v1.0.9

      Gameplay-wise, Youtuber Story is all about causing as much market noise as you possibly can as an Internet celeity. Instead of being a nobody, youre going viral, and instead of defeating enemies, you buyout stuff and buddies to earn more followers. When it comes to a Yo...

      Updated:2016-12-17 15:34:02

    • Lift EM ALL

      Lift EM ALL v1.4

      Lift EM ALL is elevator boy (lift boy) simulator. Your fun from lifting passengers to different floors, solve problems with hooligans. Help firefighters and electricity guys to keep building safe. ...

      Updated:2016-12-16 12:47:09

    • Transporter Flight Simulator

      Transporter Flight Sim v2.9

      Looking for playing the role of a commercial plane pilot? Do you wonder how does it feel to take control of a plane full of passengers? Try our new transporter flight simulator game, we promise that youll enjoy your new role adventures. You will start your career a...

      Updated:2016-12-15 16:08:08

    • Offroad Escalade

      Offroad Escalade v1.6

      This luxury 4x4 driving simulator ensures realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an off-road vehicle and even drift. There are three different game modes to choose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are participant of the cit...

      Updated:2016-12-13 15:50:34

    • Offroad Car GL

      Offroad Car GL v1.3

      This luxury 4x4 SUV driving simulator ensures realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an off-road vehicle and even drift. There are three different game modes to choose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY(2 city + port) mode you are par...

      Updated:2016-12-13 15:47:42

    • Fire Rescue Simulator

      Fire Rescue Simulator v1.2

      Someone please call the fireman, theres a terrible fire out here in the city! The commercial building is on fire lots of people are trapped, can you help save the innocent lives from the deadly fires in this fun filled rescue game. Happy Baby Games ings Kids Fire Rescu...

      Updated:2016-12-12 8:18:41

    • Helicopter Trainig

      Helicopter Trainig v1.0

      helicopter rescue practice sim game is a new, super flight flying game, go to extreme speeds and park your favorite copter vehicle, AVAILABLE NOW, ! be the best in flying a copter in the country. Show of your flight skill in this precision parking and flying simulator....

      Updated:2016-12-11 10:54:00

    • MechanicExcavatorCrane

      MechanicExcavatorCrane v1.0

      Are you a mechanic games maniac? Here is a mechanic simulator that unleashes a unique flavor of auto repair now in excavator games along with crane games. Yes, our pioneer introduction to heavy machinery games offers you a complete fun saga of repairing crane simulator ...

      Updated:2016-12-8 12:27:54

    • Survival Island Spy Escape

      Survival Island Spy Es v1.0

      Get ready in this epic secret spy prison eak missions at Survival Island. You will have to use all your skills to survive in this island among stranded deep forest! Escape from an Island jail like ultimate survival adventure along with the other lockdown criminals. You ...

      Updated:2016-12-8 12:14:35

    • Sand Excavator Simulator

      Sand Excavator Simulat v1.0.7


      Updated:2016-12-8 12:06:06

    • Burger Chef:Cooking Simulator2

      Burger Chef:Cooking Si v1.0

      Welcome to the sequel of famous pixel cooking simulator! Your network of fast food restaurants grow large, and you open more and more cafes! But the main goal is the same: take orders, cook burgers and hot dogs, serve up hot dishes, and get fun with Burger Chef: Cookin...

      Updated:2016-12-8 8:22:20

    • Silent Depth Submarine Sim Free

      Silent Depth Submarine v1.0.0

      Welcome to Silent Depth, the first real 3d submarine simulation for mobile devices. Being a member of the Silent Service of the US Navy you take command of a GatoBalao class submarine and go on extended patrols in the dangerous waters of the Pacific in world war II. You...

      Updated:2016-12-7 20:34:21

    • Talented Pet Beauty Salon

      Talented Pet Beauty Sa v1.0

      After the eathtaking show, these little cuties are all tired out. Look at them, messy hair, blurred makeup, and even calluses on their feet. Worried about them? Dont be, sweetie. Heres a beauty salon right for them. Invite them in this fabulous place, and make them extr...

      Updated:2016-12-4 19:50:31

    • Ice Cream Bar

      Ice Cream Bar v8.8.9.00

      Miumiu is inviting you run an ice cream bar factory with her where you are in charge of making ice cream bars with tasty and funny flavors. Try out the cool machines and tools to make good looking ice cream bars with interesting taste. ...

      Updated:2016-12-4 19:43:57