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    • Tales of Windspell

      Tales of Windspell v1.0.7

      Windspell is a floating island-city populated by wizards, mages and alchemists. It is the one and only supplier of magic artifacts and objects, as well as rare potions to all of the known magical worlds. Windspell also has the largest academy of magic, where generations...

      Updated:2016-7-6 18:17:32

    • Battle Ages

      Battle Ages v1.6

      Storm through history and conquer your enemies in this awesome combat strategy game! Progress from the dawn of mankind, build your civilisation, and lead it through thousands of years of advancement from the discovery of fire to the invention of the telegraph in exci...

      Updated:2016-7-5 16:24:00

    • Tower Defense:Epic War

      Tower Defense:Epic War v1.3

      You may have played other TD games but don’t miss to play this Tower Defense game. This is the td game style with more advanced feature and creative. Let’s build your towers with special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of enemy. Control the battlefiel...

      Updated:2016-7-5 14:59:40

    • Satellite Command

      Satellite Command v1.1

      Satellite Command takes you to the eye-wateringly beautiful low earth orbit. Take command and carefully manage the resources of both your satellites and agency, as you complete varying missions to build an ever more powerful fleet! A tough permadeath game not for the...

      Updated:2016-7-4 15:24:55

    • Dark Tower

      Dark Tower v1.0

      Explore floors covered in darkness and reach the top of evil tower. Fight against plenty of hostile creatures and minions of immortal queen. Be careful and reasonably manage your keys. Bad decisions will be irreversible. Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies, Wizzards, Warrior...

      Updated:2016-7-4 15:22:29

    • Tiny Tower Defense

      Tiny Tower Defense v1.0.2

      Enjoy authentic tower defense action with simple controls! One round lasts 3 minutes! What are you waiting for? Play right away! Watch as your tiny characters duke it out by themselves...

      Updated:2016-7-2 15:28:52

    • Monster VS Zombie

      Monster VS Zombie v1.51

      9FACTORY, an independent game developer, finally oke out after a long hiatus and came back with the new title, Monster VS Zombie! 9FACTORY presents you the amazing defense game, even better than the previous 9 Heroes Defense. Super System that you havent even seen bef...

      Updated:2016-7-2 14:17:31

    • Chromoid

      Chromoid v1.0.1

      Spin your shields to protect your planet from incoming meteors. Dont forget to consider their colors. Block them by your shields with the same color. You have to be fast since these meteors are very fast. How long can you survive?...

      Updated:2016-7-2 11:44:17

    • Monster Builder

      Monster Builder v1.148

      "Monsters march in from mysterious portals and destroy everything in their path. No weapon on earth can hurt them. The only thing that can stand up against the alien monsters is… well, alien monsters! Collect monster DNA to create hundreds of variations. Research ne...

      Updated:2016-6-28 8:03:46

    • Shovel commandos 2 clicker

      Shovel commandos 2 cli v1.1.7

      "The best shovel clicker game! “Shovel commandos” begins yet another infinity challenge. Hellish snow shoveling that every reservist can empathize with! You can experience that hell hole! The best and worst real labor shoveling clicker game “Shovel commandos 2 clicke...

      Updated:2016-6-27 13:08:50

    • Redungeon

      Redungeon v1.0

      • Endless, random, increasingly difficult dungeons. • Dozens of complex traps carefully designed to stop you. • Unlockable characters, each with unique game-changing skills! • Great music by Dave Cowen, the composer behind Leap Day and Rust Bucket. • Lots of angry,...

      Updated:2016-6-25 16:50:01

    • Mayas vs Ovnis

      Mayas vs Ovnis v9

      Did you know that the Mayans were the first ones to prevent an Alien Invasion in our planet? In this Strategic Game you will learn the truth about how Cthulhu tried to conquer the Earth with the Aid of his loyal alien army, you are not scared, are you? Discover ne...

      Updated:2016-6-19 16:55:51

    • Spartania: Casual Strategy

      Spartania: Casual Stra v1.77

      Build, upgrade and defend your very own spartan city! Use strategy and command your army of angry spartans to attack your enemies (or friends) and battle your way to glory in Spartania! Spartania is simple and easy to play, this game is a combination of strategy, mag...

      Updated:2016-6-19 16:44:02

    • Tower Defense: Civil War

      Tower Defense: Civil W v1.0.2

      Tower Defense – The kind of game is unfamiliar with the fans of strategy games. However, if you want to burst of emotion, you should choose Our Tower Defense. Tower Defense: Civil War – The newest Defense Game in 2016 with improvements especially in Graphics and Game...

      Updated:2016-6-19 16:42:25

    • Lost Frontier

      Lost Frontier v1.0.2

      Lost Frontier is a turn-based strategy game, ought to you from the creators of the Battleheart and Zombieville series. In a fantasy-western setting consumed by steam-punk technology and the supernatural, can you survive with just your wit and a six-gun at your side?...

      Updated:2016-6-17 9:33:43

    • Age of Ottoman

      Age of Ottoman v0.7

      In this game you fight epic battles by commanding Byzantine or Turkish soldiers. You gain income as you win battles and will upgrade your soldiers throughout the game. By advancing each battle on the anatolian map, you fight through the ages from clan to seigniory. Y...

      Updated:2016-6-15 9:41:52

    • Plane Wars 2

      Plane Wars 2 v1.0.0

      Large-scale air battles again on your device. Plane Wars 2 – sequel to the popular real-time strategy. Immerse yourself in this dystopian military strategy to seize enemy structures using tactics and determination. It offers 7-10 hours of gameplay, as well as new ...

      Updated:2016-6-14 8:59:54

    • NeoWars

      NeoWars v1.0

      Neo Wars is a sci-fi themed node-based RTS game with deep tactical gameplay. Land your harvester on a planet to gather its resources. Connect to an empty resource field to take it over, and build an efficient distribution network between your harvesters. But beware, ...

      Updated:2016-6-12 11:49:35

    • Viber Defenders

      Viber Defenders v1.8.033

      Join the battle and defend your towers against the enemies! Features: 60 furious tower defense battles across three worlds! Fearless heroes – Fox, Goblin, Robot and Necromant – will reinforce your defense! 6 basic towers with a dozen of improvement options! Turn y...

      Updated:2016-6-11 15:36:31

    • Fantasy Defense Free

      Fantasy Defense Free v1.0.0.0

      Hordes of dark side forces are approaching. They shall not pass! There is a time of troubles. Waves of evil creatures are invading once peaceful and serene fantasy land. Its time for you to gather all free people of the country. It is only you who is capable to unit...

      Updated:2016-6-6 12:29:45