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    • Color Magnet

      Color Magnet v1.0.2

      Color Magnet is a simple yet defying and addictive puzzle game that challenges your ain and sharpens your mental skills. Shoot magnets to the board to attract blocks of the same color and get a combination of at least 5 to make them pop. Only the closest blocks in th...

      Updated:2017-7-12 11:50:30

    • Oily Man

      Oily Man v1.0.3

      Oily Man is raised by the Devil to do naughty things and he needs your help to escape this accursed fate. Can he successfully navigate these perilous paths? Features: → Hours of fun for the entire family and friends → Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or ob...

      Updated:2017-7-12 11:47:54

    • DEER HUNTER 2017

      DEER HUNTER 2017 v4.2.0

      From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014! Return to the wild and hunt across the globe in the world’s greatest hunting experience. HUNT AROUND THE WORLD Pursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe. BAG BIG GAME ANIMA...

      Updated:2017-6-20 12:25:23

    • ZIG

      ZIG v1

      ZIG is a new simple, but addictive game where you have to collect as much points as possible, without hitting any objects. The controls are one-touch based which means you can play by simply tapping the screen with one finger. ...

      Updated:2017-3-29 12:01:39

    • Chicken Scream

      Chicken Scream v1.0.1

      Chicken scream is a fun and interactive non tapping addictive game where your voice controls the chicken. Make a lot of noise to force the chicken to run and jump or stay quiet to control the chicken moves slowly...

      Updated:2017-3-29 12:00:10

    • Raft Survival:Ocean Craft 3D

      Raft Survival:Ocean Cr v1.0

      Ever dreamed about the big water adventure? Then this game is made exactly for you! Explore this infinite oceanic water on your little raft, expand it gathering different resources and have fun playing Raft Survival: Ocean Craft 3D and surviving! Welcome to the most ...

      Updated:2017-3-18 17:56:31

    • Bacon May Die ⚔️ Fun Beat Em Up Game

      Bacon May Die ⚔️ Fun B v1.0.29

      Join the mortal combat with Bacon May Die - insanely fun fighting game, where a little pig warrior must face hordes of bacon hungry zombie bunnies and battle evil creatures of the forest for its survival. This beat em up game lets you fight like a ninja hero using cr...

      Updated:2017-8-4 12:15:48

    • Sky Spin

      Sky Spin v1.0

      Change direction to avoid obstacles and keep from falling off the platform! Collect gems to unlock all of the characters. ...

      Updated:2017-2-28 17:04:22

    • Noonkey:Healing Tears

      Noonkey:Healing Tears v1.4.3

      Clicker crying game ‘Noonkey’ Come and cry as much as you want when you’re tired. It’s OK to cry when you’re sad. Tears cleanse the heart, and create healing energy. Gain healing power through tap tears, and grow your happiness tree. ...

      Updated:2017-2-27 12:52:49

    • A Normal Lost Phone

      A Normal Lost Phone v1

      A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player. The game takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone’s text messages, pictures and applications, in order to learn abo...

      Updated:2017-2-20 19:53:38

    • Epic Pool

      Epic Pool v1.0.1

      This is not just a pool game! Get ready for some fun arcade trick shot puzzles! Epic Pool is a challenging and fun billiard puzzle game and its totally free! Are you bored with traditional billiard games? Lets jump some ramps, eak some bottles, tackle obstacles and h...

      Updated:2017-2-20 8:06:10

    • Tourist Transporter Ship

      Tourist Transporter Sh v1.0.1

      After the overwhelming response of Army Criminals Transport Plane Army Criminals Transport Ship Fazo Studio presents another transport game to expand our transport games series, we ing Tourist Transporter Ship Game packed with Tourist bus driver simulation, Tourist Hel...

      Updated:2017-2-14 11:09:08

    • Pizza Evolution:Food Clicker

      Pizza Evolution:Food C v1.07

      Find out what happens to an pizza food evolution when the evolution started, combine two pizza to evolve and discover the most curious and funny forms of your favorite food. Break out of the kitchen and explore the real world, explore the continent event the world is...

      Updated:2017-2-13 20:02:59

    • Idioctopus

      Idioctopus v1.0.1

      Guide ainless lovestruck octopus couples safely to their romantic rendezvous in increasingly deadly date spots. Magical teleports, juicy switches, sticky gates, dastardly timers and more keep the gameplay fresh and exciting through 80 ain straining puzzles. ...

      Updated:2017-2-13 19:59:48

    • TowerofGoblin

      TowerofGoblin v1.06

      * Multilingual support(English,Korean,Japanese) * Non-target Action RPG Game * Easy control system. * Activate Combo Skill with simple combination of buttons. * Make your character stronger by changing riding robot. * Upgrade your character with 5 types of equipmen...

      Updated:2017-2-8 10:09:33

    • Brothers Apple Shooter

      Brothers Apple Shooter v1.0

      Adjust the angle of the shooting head of the apple, be careful not to shoot his other who. Have fun! ...

      Updated:2017-2-4 18:25:16

    • Super Sticky Jump  Free

      Super Sticky Jump Fre v1.0

      Jump between the walls, catch flies and dodge toxic bubbles to beat new records, unlock new heroes and get new achievements! Game features: - Addictive one touch gameplay mechanic - Various heroes - Unlockable achievements - Sweet pixel art - Nice music - Easy ...

      Updated:2017-2-4 18:14:41

    • Drive Snowmobile 3D

      Drive Snowmobile 3D v1.0

      Drive Snowmobile 3D Simulator Manage Snowmobile 3D Simula Do you like extreme driving in the winter season? Become the best driver of a snowmobile in the world! Compete! Steer gently is a very dangerous and difficult type of driving! First-person view, manage the whe...

      Updated:2017-1-24 15:55:37

    • Hayrettin

      Hayrettin vHayrettin

      Hayrettin is an infinite runner game that is easy to play and highly addictive. Playing is simple - Test your reflexes as you race down istanbul streets. Swipe, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, and see how far you can run! You can als...

      Updated:2017-1-23 18:59:00

    • Motor Delivery Driver 3D

      Motor Delivery Driver v1.0.3

      Start your engine and drive fast. Okee if you are looking at Motor Delivery Driver 3D 2 then we can assume that you are crazy about driving games as well. If so then Motor Delivery Driver 3D 2 is the game that you have been looking for. Jump on your motor and try to be...

      Updated:2017-1-23 11:54:37