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    • Operation Pearl

      Operation Pearl v1.0

      Brave the dangers of the forest as dragons and magical obstacles lurk within! Made by a 16 year old! Previous applications by developer have achieved over 1,000,000 users in over 180 ries around the world! Users have said: "Visually Stunning" "Extremely Addict...

      Updated:2012-8-27 20:01:49

    • Bounce Classic

      Bounce Classic v1.1.1

      Bounce Classic is a fanmade remake of the Nokia Bounce game(Nothing to do with nokia). Role as Bounce the ball, through a lot of mazes and set him free. Try your best, its not impossible ;-). For on screen controls, Im working on a new version. Control: Move your...

      Updated:2012-7-26 12:28:20

    • Trap Ball Plus Pool Edition

      Trap Ball Plus Pool Ed v1.1

      Play Trap Ball challenge and test your skills. In Trap Ball Plus you will go through stages filled with traps: You must escape from lasers, spikes, other balls chasing you, and many more things while you try to make it to the goal. Accept the challenge and test your s...

      Updated:2012-7-15 19:11:49

    • Wobble Bobble

      Wobble Bobble v1.0

      This game challenges your concentration level also your hand eye coordination Have you played the classic game of Labyrinth where you have to tilt to control a steel ball?? Try this now!! Wobble Bobble is all what Labyrinth is not. Keep your hand as steady as possible...

      Updated:2012-7-15 13:14:15

    • Crazy Bleu

      Crazy Bleu v1.1.1

      Crazy Bleu is a awesome and addicting game. "CRAZY BLEU" Features hours of gameplay, challenging, and lots replay value. Combining amazing gameplay incredibly responsive controls and beautiful graphics, "CRAZY BLEU" Will be one of the most fun and original games on...

      Updated:2012-7-14 17:58:52

    • Dark Nebula - Episode One

      Dark Nebula - Episode v1.0.4

      The most extreme labyrinth game ever! With over 6 000 000 downloads on iOS, Dark Nebula is finally available on Android! Dark Nebula is an extreme labyrinth game, packed with eakneck action. Just tilt your device to move the acter. Blaze through exciting levels wher...

      Updated:2012-7-15 13:16:01

    • Ring Master

      Ring Master v1.1.0

      Be The Ring Master Ring is a modern simulation of the challenging traditional Wire Loop game, it is a game of speed versus concentration, put your eye-hand coordination skills to the test and prove your ability to beat others high scores. - Obtain achievements to i...

      Updated:2012-8-19 13:46:14

    • Mad O Ball 3D Outerspace

      Mad O Ball 3D Outerspa v1.0.2

      Did you enjoy Mad O Ball 3D? Finally you can race the new space levels ! An exciting arcade game of races against time to play forever on your Droid with PocketChange ! Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are the winning key f...

      Updated:2012-6-21 13:42:16

    • Tap n Crash

      Tap n Crash v1.3.2

      Tap n Crash, lovely frustrating ! Now fully Xperia Play Optimized ! Tap n Crash is a game where you have to jump over obstacles which stand in your way. To do so, simply touch anywhere on the screen to perform a jump. Xperia Play device should be supported. Use X ...

      Updated:2013-1-4 15:15:21

    • Electric Stick Challenge 3D

      Electric Stick Challen v1.5

      Electric Stick Challenge 3D The current rush rod is exciting and requires patience game, you want the training "very calm" _ Spirit will play the game.! Many of the maze to challenge in the game, careful of your hand and touched the electricwalls, but will burn, the c...

      Updated:2012-7-5 23:25:43

    • GYRO

      GYRO v1.22

      GYRO is everything you love about arcade games - get it now and start spinning! GYRO is an easy to play, but hard to arcade game with intuitive touch controls, addictive gameplay, cool minimalistic graphics and gazillions of points to collect! Spin the wheel, matc...

      Updated:2012-6-7 0:32:57

    • Escape From The Forest

      Escape From The Forest v1.0

      Escape From The Forest! Tilt your device to steer your car left or right while driving through the forest! Your goal is to escape from the forest without losing both hearts....

      Updated:2012-6-6 10:23:23

    • Flying Boy

      Flying Boy v1.3.1

      This is a simple yet very addictive Flying and Shooting game! Everything you do is in One Touch. A cute little boy is flying through the Doom Kingdom to fulfill a mysterious mission. He will have to deal with a lot of challenges from the creatures of the darkness. H...

      Updated:2012-10-2 12:05:18

    • Aetherium I - The Escape

      Aetherium I - The Esca v1.0

      Run for your life and collect stars until you’ve got enough force to strike back «Captains Log: 15 December 2327 - 03:36 PM I managed to escape but they found me. That load of Aetherium slowed me down but I knew if I could reach safety it would make me rich. My old...

      Updated:2012-5-13 10:12:46

    • Rush Ball HD

      Rush Ball HD v1.0

      Welcome to the inter-galactic game held between different planets across the Universe. Challengers all around the universe compete to leave their mark! Are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be the best champion in the whole universe?! Gameplay: H...

      Updated:2012-5-11 13:39:16

    • Mr.Space!!

      Mr.Space!! v1.1.0

      Achieved universal popularity! The best of simple games!! The app achieved universal popularity! (USA,Japan,Canada,The UK,Australia and so on) "Mr." series appears! The game gives you full of thrill and excitement. Name of the game is..."Mr.Space!!" Your d...

      Updated:2012-4-1 20:29:54

    • Magic Poker

      Magic Poker v1.0

      Magic Poker is a hit game,its a game of dexterity and skill. In a minimalist, zen-like world, the players goal is simple: toss that card in the hat! Easy tap controls make tosses feel very smooth. Dont think it will be easy though, as players must adjust for distance...

      Updated:2012-3-15 0:41:12

    • Impossible Jump

      Impossible Jump v1.06

      "Impossible Jump" quite possibly the worlds hardest game! With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of ...

      Updated:2012-3-10 13:35:09

    • Speed Damon

      Speed Damon v1.5

      Help Damon get to his destination, you are the only one that can help him!! Help Damon get to his destination. In order to assist him, you have to build numerous ramps and idges. Go as far as you can to attain the highest score to beat your opponent. You will have to ...

      Updated:2012-2-26 2:44:16

    • Dolphin

      Dolphin v1.0.3

      Discover the highly anticipated game from Magma Mobile: Dolphin ! With this Eco Friendly game, control with your finger your own dolphin. Your oceanic environment will be filled with Octopuses that you will have to avoid to survive. As you challenge yourself to become...

      Updated:2012-8-9 7:58:46