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    • Castle Crafter

      Castle Crafter v1.3

      Its a live pocket game that you can battle with real people that you can always carry on with you. Control your pixel hero character in a pixel designed pelasant world environments. Castle Crafter game will be your best friend in your spare time. Fight against real p...

      Updated:2015-10-27 10:00:48

    • WitchSpring

      WitchSpring v1.2

      Player will raise the witch for 100 days. Player can see the ruler-ending in the end of the story, or can see the ending of the strongest witch through concentrating trainings. Rest, Training, and Composing magics in the home, Collecting materials and Battles wi...

      Updated:2015-10-26 9:18:26

    • Oraia Rift

      Oraia Rift v1.1

      The burden of saving countless innocent lives has been placed in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge? Can you betray an old womans trust? Oraia, a once peaceful land of farmers is being torn apart by Rift Dwellers, otherworldly warriors with a single purpose -...

      Updated:2015-10-26 9:14:01

    • Cloud Chasers

      Cloud Chasers v102

      Guide a small family through five deadly deserts to reach the gateway to the world above the clouds. Its a dangerous journey filled with a multitude of unique narrative encounters. Make your decisions wisely, manage your resources, use equipment to your advantage and fi...

      Updated:2015-10-16 11:40:31

    • AppleJam

      AppleJam v5.1.0

      If there is a wide world in a small screen of the smartphone? If there is another world that play at any time? ★ pursue the joy of gathering a lot of equipment. ★ raise the prestige to participate in war. ★ master the 10 species of all characters. ★ to enter th...

      Updated:2015-10-14 15:45:04

    • Royal Bounty HD

      Royal Bounty HD v1.0.281

      New World Computing Approved "Hi Guys! looks good so far! keep up the good work. I worked on HoMM 3 and 4 creating all of the skill and spell icons and HoMM interface graphics and would be interested in possibly helping out with your great game. Let me know if you migh...

      Updated:2015-10-12 9:13:08

    • Legna Tactica

      Legna Tactica v1.1.0g

      Make use of intricate tactics to work towards peace in a grand Strategy RPG! A story you can shape Two boys, each with the same dream: to rid the world of war. To make that dream come true, is it better to protect the weak? Or is it better to push on forwards to g...

      Updated:2015-10-5 18:59:04

    • Mighty Viking

      Mighty Viking v1.0.43

      Mighty Viking – An Incredible Viking Game Your foes are closing in. In the Viking game Mighty Viking, you fight hordes of monsters and wild creatures as a Nordic warrior. With your sword and battleaxe, you’ll cleave through never-abating floods of attackers. Vanquish...

      Updated:2015-10-5 18:55:44

    • Skeletomb

      Skeletomb v1.0.1

      Choose from many unlikely heroes and pit them against the elements. Test their endurance on an Endless journey, or send them on a quirky little Adventure. FEATURES: • A menagerie of customizable heroes to play as. • Retro styled worlds that change with each playt...

      Updated:2015-9-30 12:54:30

    • SpaceTerror VR

      SpaceTerror VR v1.7

      Immerse yourself in a space adventure, explore a new world! On a routine trip the ship where youre working suffer an accident and is forced to land on an unexplored planet... now begin your adventure to survive. (You need a bluetooth controller to walk around) Nex...

      Updated:2015-9-30 9:23:05

    • Survival Island

      Survival Island v2.36

      Survival Island: Mobile Survival Sim is a first person survival sim set on a lonely island. Keep yourself warm, keep yourself fed, keep yourself alive. The island contains many secrets and treasures to be found, so explore and enjoy your time on the island. Som...

      Updated:2015-9-28 11:12:24

    • Pixel Fallout RPG

      Pixel Fallout RPG v1.0.30

      Pixel Fallout is a Classic Pixel RPG with an addictive Love Story. Your Girlfriend named Elsie went missing during chaos and your search for her begins. As you progress, your will reveal the sad truth and mystery of Elsie... Her missing is linked with the Darkness Fallo...

      Updated:2015-9-22 17:00:15


      BLOCK QUEST v1.2

      BlockQuest is an old school RPG game, which is a combination of puzzle and action, which concentrates on clearing variety of dungeons. You wont solve it so easily! [Game introduction] Suddenly countless dungeons appeared in different places of the world. Ones who wh...

      Updated:2015-9-19 16:21:11

    • Cops N Robbers 2

      Cops N Robbers 2 v1.0.1

      Wait so long for the "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break 2)", the 2nd edition of "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break)" has been developed for one year, created by the famous developer of "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break)" and "Cops N Robbers (FPS)": "JoyDo Entertainment". This time we ou...

      Updated:2015-9-11 12:25:59

    • Fall of Angels

      Fall of Angels v6.0

      all of Angels is a fantastic JRPG with an engaging and original story with a focus on exploration and puzzles- a role playing game that carries the spirit of the old-school adventures. - Engaging original storyline - Explore the many lands of Tellus from seaside tow...

      Updated:2015-9-8 9:47:40

    • Comedy quest

      Comedy quest v1.13

      Crazy neighbors? We all hate them. But what can you do about it? Nothing you say? Thats where your wrong! Enter the world of Comedy quest and get more fun to your life. Cheat, foil, entrap, bully, and otherwise sabotage your eccentric opponents—whatever it tak...

      Updated:2015-9-6 20:24:17

    • RPG Asdivine Dios

      RPG Asdivine Dios v1.1.3g

      Play a grand RPG through to the end for free! Welcome to the new Asdivine and get ready as a tale about divine encounters with mankind and mankinds encounters with the divine is about to unfold... An Adventure of Divine Proportions! Among the many worlds the deities ...

      Updated:2015-9-5 15:04:43

    • World of Warriors: Quest

      World of Warriors: Que v1.5.8

      Vikings, Romans, Ninjas! Let battle commence in this epic RPG quest across the mysterious Wildlands. Discover lost stories from the amazing World of Warriors as you attempt to save this war-torn realm from destruction. WORLD OF WARRIORS QUEST: CHAPTER 1 ...

      Updated:2015-8-31 15:08:17

    • Macabre

      Macabre v1.0.12

      What is Macae? Macae is a post-apocalyptic, old-school JRPG in a medieval setting. It also features some modern mechanics, such as in-game achievements, crafting, and a unique random encounter system. Synopsis “An earthquake of cataclysmic proportions annihilat...

      Updated:2015-8-30 12:43:52

    • LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham

      LEGO Batman: Beyond Go v1.03.1

      The best-selling LEGO Batman franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure! Play as Batman and join forces with characters from the DC Comics universe as you blast off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth. 100+ PLAYABLE ...

      Updated:2015-8-17 10:30:13