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    • Jupiter Ascending

      Jupiter Ascending v1.1

      Play Jupiter Ascending: Skyline Escape from the upcoming sci-fi fantasy film, Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean. As Caine Wise (Tatum) you must protect Jupiter Jones (Kunis) from the Keepers and their Shadow ships in a race against the...

      Updated:2016-7-27 15:45:36

    • One Man Super Hero

      One Man Super Hero v1.3

      Who is this guy? Is he training to become a Super Hero? Hes super strong! Hes invulnerable! No villain in the face of the universe can ever defeat him.. BUT he trips? How clumsy the weakness is. Play the undetermined super hero to promote him into becoming the worlds to...

      Updated:2016-7-27 15:40:28

    • Soundtrack Attack

      Soundtrack Attack v1.0.1

      Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm runner set to the music of Steven Universe! BATTLE TO THE BEAT Let’s do this! Tap, hold, and swipe along to the music to unleash awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems in Soundtrack Attack - Steven Universe. ...

      Updated:2016-7-25 8:14:29

    • Karate Face Kicker

      Karate Face Kicker v5.0

      Best karate fighting game on Android! Thanks for checking out Karate Face Kicker. If you enjoy the game then please consider purchasing the GOLD version. Not only is the GOLD version ad free, it also enables your character to wear a new gold outfit, as well as your ...

      Updated:2016-7-24 22:00:45

    • King of Fighter 98

      King of Fighter 98 v1.1.1

      The Master of Kungfu is the action game of fighting. The worlds largest fighting contest is started! No ranking, no rules, only dead or alive! Now, a new powerful character appears....

      Updated:2016-7-22 11:22:12

    • Prisoner Escape Story 2016

      Prisoner Escape Story v1.2

      You and your friend is captured during a war and have been ought to prisoner of war camp. This camp has advanced security system and escape is going to be very tough. Guards are continuously patrolling and wardens on duty are high alert. There are laser fences and searc...

      Updated:2016-7-21 10:39:58

    • Robot Battle 2.0

      Robot Battle 2.0 v2.1

      The Robot Battle 2.0 was released. Go meet "The Robot Battle 2.0" complenty newly changed. Realtime mobile fighting action, "The Robot Battle 2.0". Fierce ranking competition among users. A fiery showdown with realtime fighting. Your challenge to become the bes...

      Updated:2016-7-19 21:52:27

    • Chicago City Police Story 3D

      Chicago City Police St v1.8

      Chicago city is in need of the best police officers ! Chicago city Police Story 3D is a third person 3D action game. Rise from a rookie police officer to a respected chicago police man, enforcer, getaway driver and more in this newest 3D crime game. This crime game ...

      Updated:2016-7-19 21:30:29

    • Miami Vice Town

      Miami Vice Town v1.1.3.2

      With all the best things of auto-theft games series and much more! Great 3D rpg with elements of third person shooter. Huge real weapon arsenal at the shop and a magnificent combat mode. Try out all the guns! Big world with a variety of different quests. Finish them ...

      Updated:2016-7-17 10:18:59

    • Stickman Revenge 3

      Stickman Revenge 3 v1.0.4

      Stickman Revenge 3 - The spectacular return in Stickman Revenge series toppled the international game market. The followers of Stickman Revenge game still have not forgotten the feeling of tight guillotine and ecstatic graphics of Stickman Revenge old version. And w...

      Updated:2016-7-16 12:22:24

    • Grand City Crime Gangster

      Grand City Crime Gangs v1.2

      Grand City Crime Gangster LOVE CALIFORNIA? Then grand city crime gangster is the Game You need to Download and Play right away. You have to put up your guiltiness city empire within the City of Angels. You just got out of San Andreas country prison. You can do two t...

      Updated:2016-7-15 11:03:55

    • ZomBees

      ZomBees v1.5.5

      PLAY GAMES, HAVE FUN, DO GOOD! ZomBees is the 1st app ever that lets you not only save the GAME world, but the REAL world too! Thats because while you play ZomBees you save lives and fund campaigns from all around the World! ZomBees follows PheeBee and other Bee heros ...

      Updated:2016-7-11 20:51:06

    • Crime City Gangster

      Crime City Gangster v1.2

      Crime City Gangster is an ultimate Gang War Shooting Game with Police Prison Chase Free Drive in Crime City. Play as a Thug Gangster Do some crazy mission with car theft lots of gangsters action. California crime rate is getting out of hands of the city police depart...

      Updated:2016-7-11 20:44:30

    • The East New World

      The East New World v4.0.1

      The East New World is a retro-inspired action platformer game with the high quality pixel art style. Tight controls, complex level design (including multiple paths and secret areas), RPG elements, collectibles and achievements, boss fights, NPCs, a fair amount of challe...

      Updated:2016-7-11 20:40:38

    • Badland 2

      Badland 2 v1.0.0.1061

      Great News! BADLAND 2 has won the "Most Beautiful" reward of Google Play "Best of 2016" in Great Britain, Australia and India! ★ 5 5 "Even more gorgeous than the first one" TouchArcade ★ 5 5 "A masterpiece" AppAdvice ★ 9.3 10 "A must have” ★...

      Updated:2017-11-24 11:46:13

    • GLITCH

      GLITCH v1.1.0

      Twin stick shooter game where you play as a Virus who tries to harass a computer. Kill different enemies and powerfull bosses through many security levels. Each game is unique, complete missions, buy new weapons, shields and skills to reach your objective. Will y...

      Updated:2016-7-9 9:15:40

    • Wonky Tower

      Wonky Tower v1.0.373

      BUILD IT! CLIMB IT! GO BANANAS! Firefly Studios’ Google Play debut is Wonky Tower: Pogos Odyssey, a F2P game jam creation from the team that ought you Stronghold. Help ‘Pogo the Monkey’ in his quest to reach the bananas in each level and restore balance to the Wonky ...

      Updated:2016-7-6 18:00:51

    • The Counter Of Death

      The Counter Of Death v1.1

      Guard from enemy’s attack then defeat them with your powerful punch! kung fu fighting! simple control! difficult that not just simple! The Counter Of Death is inspired by Bruce lee, a lot of kung fu movies and Kung Fu the game.(NES) now then, be a master of kun...

      Updated:2016-7-6 12:27:08

    • Fear the Walking Dead

      Fear the Walking Dead v1.2.2

      Last WeekThis Week May 04May 05May 06May 07May 08May 09May 1017131925 No rank data for last week Discover More After Free Registration! Sign up for free and get unlimit...

      Updated:2016-7-6 11:47:18

    • Offroad Sniper Hunter

      Offroad Sniper Hunter v1.0

      Drive offroad, drift and crash your way through the tough wilderness to hunt the unaware deer and stags. Dont feel like going straight to the prey? Well, take your 4x4 truck off road and travel anywhere you want, explore the world! ...

      Updated:2016-7-5 15:50:47