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    • Baccarat Casino

      Baccarat Casino v1.1.1

      WARNING: YOU SHOULD BE 18+ TO PLAY THIS GAME.CASINO CONTENT INCLUDED. If you visit Las Vegas and walk out feeling nothing,you are wasting your life. Casino there is a big bank for you to withdraw money,the problem is,HOW? Well,you need to know all the tricks before yo...

      Updated:2013-2-27 16:10:00

    • NAMCO BANDAIs Solitaire

      NAMCO BANDAIs Solitair v1.0

      In NAMCO BANDAI s Solitaire, you can play Klondike 1 card, Klondike 3 cards and Freecell. This application is very easy, and you can enjoy it anywhere anytime. Even if you dont know Solitaire well, thats no problem at all. Why dont you enjoy the world of Solitaire...

      Updated:2013-2-25 11:40:44

    • Werewolf

      Werewolf v1.0.2

      The classic party game of bluffing and deception, also known as "Mafia." Requires at least 8 people together for a satisfying game. Never scramble for cards or paper again, set up a game just by passing your phone around the circle. Some of the people in the village ...

      Updated:2013-7-5 22:00:08

    • CinchDroid Free

      CinchDroid Free v1.5.1

      Cinch is an American card game derived from Pitch via Pedro where you take tricks from your opponent using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. This software is focuses on the version of the game the lead developer learned to play in his home town of Jasper, Indiana. Ci...

      Updated:2013-2-23 20:15:44

    • Daily Mah Jong

      Daily Mah Jong v1.1.1

      Skunk Studios® ings you the hit web game that has entertained people for over six years online into the palm of your hand. The first Mahjongg Solitaire game to ing you daily content now takes relaxation to higher heights. Relax and escape the grind with the beautify and...

      Updated:2013-2-23 19:53:05

    • Solitaire Double-Deck HD

      Solitaire Double-Deck v2.0

      THREE GAMES IN ONE!!! (Klondike, Double-Deck Half-Deck Solitaire) "It stands out in the crowd." 910 "This app is a SURPRISING EXCEPTION…" 9.510 "a must have for any Solitaire player." 1010 This is the LAST Solitaire game you will ever play. If you like windows S...

      Updated:2013-2-22 15:56:11

    • Grand Solitaire

      Grand Solitaire v1.0.2

      We are pleased to present to you a great collection of the best and most interesting solitaires. Among them: - Solitair - Spider - Napoleon’s Tomb - Prisoner - Freecell - Pyramid - Monte — Carlo - Napoleons Square - Yukon - Clock - We...

      Updated:2013-2-21 12:34:06

    • Souls TCG

      Souls TCG v1.3.3

      Dive into the universe of Souls with this card game... Fight less creatures and defeat the bosses of the four Elemental worlds in Adventure mode... Use the Elements in your favor, capture the enemys cards by choosing yours carefully. Let your strategy evolve as yo...

      Updated:2013-2-14 21:49:41

    • Dots & Boxes

      Dots & Boxes v2.7.3

      ★ THIS APP IS ABSOLUTLY AD-FREE! ★ Play alone (against the droid) or against a friend. Set field size between 3x3 and 9x9. Three levels of difficulty. Take turns drawing lines between the dots on the graph paper until you can close a box with the forth line. The pla...

      Updated:2013-2-13 18:28:21

    • Tic Tac Toe Challenger

      Tic Tac Toe Challenger v1.2.6

      A game that entertained people of all ages for years now. A game thats popular among children in schools. Lets be environment friendly and save the papers and play Tic Tac Toe on your android device. Unlike other Tic Tac Toe games available in the market, this game ha...

      Updated:2014-6-20 17:13:45

    • Checkers Free

      Checkers Free v1.313

      ★ Google Play “Top Developer” AI Factory ★ Checkers Free from AI Factory has arrived! Strongest Checkers on Android. Sharing the high quality and performance as the rest of our games, Checkers Free ings classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficult...

      Updated:2013-7-4 6:14:14

    • Real BlackJack

      Real BlackJack v3.4.13.6

      Real Blackjack is a fun, educational game that can teach you the proper ways to use Basic Strategy and sharpen your ing skills. Live. Customize the game with a variety of rule sets to the game. Makes a great blackjack trainer. NOTE: The INTERNET permission is requi...

      Updated:2013-2-7 20:40:29

    • Chess

      Chess v3.0.1

      Enjoy playing chess in 3D against the computer. Uses very good computer artificial intelligence. Think your good enough to beat the computer? Good luck! ...

      Updated:2013-2-7 10:32:44

    • Mahjong Deluxe 2

      Mahjong Deluxe 2 v1.0.5

      Mahjong Deluxe 2 Free: Astral Planes takes our super popular mahjong solitaire game and ings it into a whole new world. The tiles are placed on 3D planes and you rotate around the structures to find the matching tiles. It comes with 28 puzzle layouts and all puzzles are...

      Updated:2013-2-6 10:06:13

    • Solitaire 3D HD

      Solitaire 3D HD v3.0.0

      The traditional game of Klondike Solitaire rendered in beautiful 3D for your enjoyment. This features normal and vegas scoring, touch move or drag and drop, autoplay and also unlimited undo moves. The 3D animation makes it a pleasure to play and fun to watch and win. ...

      Updated:2013-10-30 20:12:04

    • Platinum Solitaire 3

      Platinum Solitaire 3 v3.1.1

      Welcome to Platinum Solitaire 3, the ultimate adaptation of the most popular card game ever. Get ready to trot the globe in pursuit of the good life! Play big, earn some cash, and build your casino empire! Eager to play classic Solitaire? Quickplay mode will provide ins...

      Updated:2013-1-31 16:59:51

    • Dam Haji

      Dam Haji v2.1.1

      Now you can play Dam Haji on your Android devices ! Dam Haji is a two-player board game and one of the Checkers variations (Malaysian Version). The promoted piece is known as "Haji" in this game (thats the reason behind the games name). The game rules are almost simil...

      Updated:2013-5-10 22:12:12

    • SparkChess HD

      SparkChess HD v6.1.0

      Practice chess against 3 AI distinct AI personalities or challenge your friends in online multiplayer. SparkChess is available on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Chrome, Android tablets, iPad and Playbook. The Full Version has more features, including a beautiful fantasy...

      Updated:2013-1-27 16:38:13

    • Aces Spades Free

      Aces Spades Free v2.0.4

      If you like playing cards and specifically Spades, you might as well want to download this app. Aces Spades presents the popular card game that you can play in order not to get bored. There are 11 eccentric acters that you can play against and the design and gameplay...

      Updated:2014-4-15 16:38:40

    • Solitaire Adventure

      Solitaire Adventure v1.0.1

      Solitaire Adventure - The Resurrection of Faneruel is a distinctive Tri-Peaks like solitaire game with numerous levels and hours of game play. Featuring - ★ A solitaire game with a challenge and high on replayability ★ 40 unique card layout designs to test your s...

      Updated:2013-1-24 15:51:51