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    • Adventure Planet

      Adventure Planet v1.0.4

      Adventure Planet delivers the best mini-gaming experience. Master each of the 35 mini-games, conquer all 5 worlds (tropical, ice, desert, lava and space), compete with friends and unlock the ultimate secrets of a planet imming with adventure! The game is constantly e...

      Updated:2016-6-23 14:57:04

    • Hills Legend

      Hills Legend v1.4

      According to the legend there was an underpass under one of the temples which led to the treasures. But once, during the earth-moving work the walls of the monastery were oken and it was decided to block the pass with rocks and fill it with concrete. Caves passes were l...

      Updated:2016-6-21 16:54:09

    • Wish Writer

      Wish Writer v1.3

      Have you ever written Santa a letter in candy cane swirl ink? What about decorating your wish list with sparkles that make it that much more magical? With the Macy’s Wish Writer and app, you can send Santa the most magical letter yet! Using this app with Macy’s Wish ...

      Updated:2016-6-20 10:41:56

    • Relic Seeker:3D Maze

      Relic Seeker:3D Maze v1.1.4

      You are in the maze in search of the ancient relics. Your mission is to find the relics and treasures. For that mission you need to know the exit and get many tools and equipment. When you lost your way, you can get clues from the compass you can get at the maze. ...

      Updated:2016-6-20 10:25:38

    • Yesterday Full

      Yesterday Full v1.8

      A psycho is killing beggars alive in New York. A Y-shaped scar forms in the hands of seemingly unrelated people. The press and the media just dont care, so Henry White, a young NGO volunteer, will be the first to investigate the crimes with his friend Cooper. They are t...

      Updated:2016-6-20 10:20:36

    • Dark Heart Dungeon

      Dark Heart Dungeon v1.0.1

      An Introduction To Dungeon Crawlers Dark Heart Dungeon is a dungeon crawler for those who have never played a game in the roguelike genre before. It avoids lengthy reading and the necessity of background knowledge, and requires no previous experience, designed to ...

      Updated:2016-6-19 16:48:50

    • Mystery Case Files: Key To Ravenhearst

      Mystery Case Files: Ke v1.0

      The word is out that someone has bought Ravenhearst Manor and is looking to rebuild it as a museum. You’ve been sent by none other than the Queen of England herself to check it out, but when you arrive it seems that the previous investigator sent there to snoop around h...

      Updated:2016-6-18 10:54:56

    • Virtual Drum

      Virtual Drum v1.0

      VIRTUAL DRUM is a free music instrument application for Android that simulates a real drum kit on your mobiletablet screen. To play on this free drum like a pro drumer, just drumming your fingers on the pads of the drums and the sound is played simultaneously....

      Updated:2016-6-18 10:33:08

    • New York Mysteries 3

      New York Mysteries 3 v1.0.1

      As a journalist, Laura James is again ought in to investigate a strange murder. What starts as a routine investigation quickly takes a dark turn. TRY THE FREE TRIAL VERSION, AND THEN UNLOCK THE COMPLETE ADVENTURE IN THE GAME! New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Sou...

      Updated:2016-6-16 10:05:53

    • The Lost Dungeons VR

      The Lost Dungeons VR v1.4

      Be part of a real horror experience and explore the lost dungeons! More level coming soon. Requirements: - Gyroscope - VR glasses (headset) for example: durovis dive, google cardboard, homido etc. - Bluetooth controller...

      Updated:2016-6-15 11:13:58

    • Atmospug the Cloud Jumping Dog

      Atmospug the Cloud Jum v1.1.1

      LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Pugs can jump on clouds! (take our word for it, PLEASE don’t test the theory) That’s lucky for our friend, Atmospug, the Cloud Jumping Dog since an evil horde of cats and the worst thunderstorm in years have both decided to pay a visit to the neigh...

      Updated:2016-6-14 9:05:24

    • Tlalocs Temple Free

      Tlalocs Temple Free v1.03

      Developper message : I didnt thought ill got so many users from this very special niche game. Thank you everybody who tried it and shared this adventure with me ! I stay on touch for your feedback to tell me what to change and improve !...

      Updated:2016-6-12 11:54:47

    • 100 Doors Challenge

      100 Doors Challenge v1.0.8

      Do you like puzzles and hidden objects? Playing games from 100 Doors and 100 Floors series? Then this point and click game is exactly what you need! Use all your skills to complete all levels and get all achievements....

      Updated:2016-6-12 11:45:32

    • VR Deadland Zombies Combat

      VR Deadland Zombies Co v1.1

      Enjoy war against Zombies in Dual mode i.e. VR Mode as well as Non VR Mode. Conquer Zombies Land by killing them. They are attacking on you. show no mercy against Zombies. Real Threat.! It is a time to check your reflexes and grip on the Gun. Aim at zombies then trigger...

      Updated:2016-6-10 9:18:02

    • Clan of Dilophosaurus

      Clan of Dilophosaurus v1.0

      Clan of Dilophosaurus has arrived! Control your very own Dilophosaurus as you race across this highly detailed Jurassic landscape in search of your clan members. This fearsome jurassic dinosaur come with 6 different textures to choose from to make him look the way yo...

      Updated:2016-6-9 10:24:17

    • Trail of Shadows: Origin

      Trail of Shadows: Orig v1.0

      Imagine an adventure unfolding in the depths of blurry memories and figures whose stories are lost beneath a deep web of tragedies. Imagine you could immerse yourself into that journey, connecting the dots to form a mysterious picture whose scars run deeper into an unfo...

      Updated:2016-6-8 11:00:20

    • Traps And Treasures

      Traps And Treasures v2.46

      It’s not another runner, this is adventure game with logical elements! Be ready to long, unforgiven trip in uncharted places. In the jungles, filled mystical secrets, behind ancient ruins, tombs and dungeons, with many danger traps on a way. Smart labyrinths come to ...

      Updated:2016-6-8 10:34:51

    • 100 Washitsu

      100 Washitsu v1.0.5

      Solve the secret in these japanese style room, open the door and escape! Features ▶ Japanese style room escaping game. ▶ Open the door to go to the next stage. ▶ This is a free application and more stages will be added! ▶ There are various Achievements! ▶ Can yo...

      Updated:2016-6-8 8:10:32

    • Into Light

      Into Light v1.5

      When the bombs began to fall, they sent me to the tunnels. They said I’d be safe there... Into Light is a magical adventure game that plays with words and puzzles. Caught inside a warzone, you escape to the tunnels beneath your city, and discover a locked gate... ...

      Updated:2016-6-4 10:12:56

    • Amaranthine: Obsidian

      Amaranthine: Obsidian v1.0

      You travel to the frozen mountains of Iceland to investigate the disappearance of a scientific research team sent to find and study the mystical element Harmonium. Quickly you realize that Professor Bennett and her aide have been kidnapped by a mad scientist, determined...

      Updated:2016-6-3 13:53:02