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    • Upgrade the game 2

      Upgrade the game 2 v2.2

      Upgrade the game 2 is a game where your objective is to upgrade the game from something poor to a beautiful game, You will need to eliminate enemies in space in order to get coins and buy upgrades. ...

      Updated:2017-1-23 8:31:26

    • Dicast Dash

      Dicast Dash v1.7.0

      Fight against the Gods play, and change the rule to your favor! …Hey, stop dreaming! You gotta make your way up to the Arena if you want to save the world or something. ...

      Updated:2017-1-22 8:43:34

    • Line Maze Puzzles

      Line Maze Puzzles v1.0.0

      Are you an exercise freak? Workout in gym can take care of your body but what about your ain workout? Medical science asserts that regular and healthy ain storming exercise will keep your ain sharp and active with great memory boost. Indulge ain exercise with the free a...

      Updated:2017-1-22 8:30:10

    • Princess Castle

      Princess Castle v2.0

      Welcome to the princess castle in the land of fairy tale! Princess hidden object games are waiting for you! If you like free games for girls of all age: little girls, teenage girls, and big girls, youre at the right place. If you play our hidden objects princess games, ...

      Updated:2017-1-20 17:31:22

    • 100 Doors XL

      100 Doors XL v1.3

      Features: : ↗ Addicting mini puzzles! ↗ Horizontal gameplay! ↗ Big rooms dont exceed your screen! ↗ Hidden objects as a part of mystery gameplay! ↗ Gorgeous graphic, different theme for each level! ↗ Complete utilization of your device features! ...

      Updated:2017-1-20 17:26:08

    • Shades - Combat Militia

      Shades - Combat Militi v5

      *Online MegaRoom System Approaching Soon ;) * I just wanted to play this type of game with my friends, but could not find any, so I decided to make one. If you are a fan of the good-old shooter games we used to play on computers, you will like this. This is a sho...

      Updated:2017-12-19 15:30:35

    • Railway Panic

      Railway Panic v1.0.0

      Railway Panic is a train-themed action puzzle game. Make a way for the train to the destination station by swapping and connecting rails. Grab coins and move through tunnels for extra points. Adventure mode has more than 20 stages to complete. In Endless mode you...

      Updated:2017-1-17 9:17:16

    • FridayThe13th Ideas

      FridayThe13th Ideas v1.0

      Ideas for Friday The 13th -A funny puzzle game! -3 levels of difficulty. ...

      Updated:2017-1-12 17:12:12

    • Pigs Bricks

      Pigs Bricks v1.0.3

      Pigs and Bricks is a homage to classic arcade style games where the gameplay is simple, but addictive. Explore many different worlds with various enemies and environmental hazards. ...

      Updated:2017-1-8 18:01:38

    • Husky Dog Simulator 3D

      Husky Dog Simulator 3D v1.0

      Play Husky Dog Simulator 3D and be an amazing husky living at wilderness trying to create its own family and save lost human hunters. Do you love animal simulators? This ultimate husky dog simulator would give you an opportunity to live the whole life of single wolf...

      Updated:2017-1-7 13:53:34

    • Dark Fire:Shooting Defense

      Dark Fire:Shooting Def v1.3

      The game is the background: In 2303, the earth was the evil alien biological invasion. As the master of the earth, humans not enslaved by alien creatures. The coalition, however, has been unable to resist, the remaining human survivors formed DarkFire organization, i...

      Updated:2017-1-7 13:46:17

    • Hidden game2

      Hidden game2 v1.0.0

      In the closet? On the bookshelf? Under the sofa? Where is my game? Using the item Find the "game" from a variety of stage! It is an application of the escape game style. ...

      Updated:2017-1-7 13:43:05

    • Ultimate Knight 2016

      Ultimate Knight 2016 v1.2

      Ultimate Knight takes you back to Medieval times to the story of Prince Leo the Strong. Forced to flee his homeland due to his depraved cousin Carac, Prince Leo must rescue his love interest, Alys, when she is captured by Carac and entrapped in the Kelvin Castle. To rea...

      Updated:2016-12-25 14:58:12

    • Osteya:Adventures

      Osteya:Adventures v1.2.5

      From the creators of the original Osteya comes Osteya: Adventures - a new fast and dynamic platformer! Take part in an ambitious adventure into the mysterious world of Osteya! Journey through 30 levels and try to unravel the secret of the forgotten city. But be caref...

      Updated:2016-12-25 14:23:41

    • Epic Band Clicker

      Epic Band Clicker v1.0.1

      ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Do you have what it takes to be A REAL ROCKSTAR? Then keep TUNED and prove it! In this EPIC game you will click yourself to the TOP! Be famous! Be glorious! Be rich! Live the dream of the SUPERSTARS and conquer the world! ...

      Updated:2016-12-14 13:18:03

    • DDD

      DDD v1.6

      We are SUUUUUPER amazing MOMO FRIENDS! Super-simple addictive game with outstanding individuality MOMO FRIENDS! Leave everything to your thumb and eak down the blocks! Challenge to your concentration and reaction! ...

      Updated:2016-12-14 13:17:02

    • Fishing School

      Fishing School v1.1

      Fishing School its a simple but fantastic game of a little bear that need to catch some food!. You will have a lot of fun with this Game! ...

      Updated:2016-12-14 12:57:59

    • Stunt Bike Freestyle

      Stunt Bike Freestyle v1.3

      Stunt Bike Freestyle is the first true stunt riding game. ●Play against actual players beat their scores earn more rewards. ! Notice ! Online play feature will not be available after the game is available on all major platform. ●18 individual tricks which you can...

      Updated:2016-12-12 13:00:35

    • Smashy Road: Arena

      Smashy Road: Arena v1.1.9

      SMASHY ROAD: ARENA (Single Multiplayer) From the makers of the Award winning game: Smashy Road: Wanted, we present to you: Smashy Road: Arena! Its time to pick up your WEAPONS and battle ONLINE with MULTIPLAYER! Race through the 8 different environments and esca...

      Updated:2018-7-7 10:46:31

    • Bunny World

      Bunny World v1.0.3

      Welcome to Bunny World! Run in an endless world as you collect coins and carrots! Watch out for all the crazy critters in Bunny World, stomp or dodge those that get in your way! Super Bunny World is a game inspired by classic platformers. Post your score using Google...

      Updated:2016-12-10 13:50:56