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    • Spy Fox Operation Ozone

      Spy Fox Operation Ozon v1.0.2

      Spy Fox 3 "Operation Ozone" Where would you like to go next, SPY Fox? Air Today, Gone Tomorrow. A huge hairspray space station is blasting vile vapors into the ozone, putting Earth at the mercy of the suns rays. With her paw on the nozzle, Poodles Galore unleas...

      Updated:2015-9-23 14:15:23

    • Turbo Car Toy

      Turbo Car Toy v1.6

      Be the fastest driver on the kids playroom race track and burn the asphalt under your wheels in one of the best fast-paced car driving games for kids and adults! Drag your car left or right to avoid obstacles and collect pickups on your way to becoming a world go kart r...

      Updated:2015-6-5 15:07:05

    • Magic Gem

      Magic Gem v1.1.7

      Magic Gem is a classic puzzle game, also known as lines98. Your goal is to clear the board by connecting 5 or more balls of the same color to a horizontal, vertical line, squares, or blocks. Each time you move a ball three new balls pop up at different places and in di...

      Updated:2014-8-27 14:35:27

    • Cloop Puzzle

      Cloop Puzzle v1.05

      This game for people who love logic problems and I like it. Cloop Puzzle is an addictive game with simple rules. Choose a coin and move it over another one to empty slot as in checkers. Eat all coins and win the game! Its really easy to start as in checkers, but is i...

      Updated:2014-8-18 7:47:43

    • The Hearts, Cards Game

      The Hearts, Cards Game v7.0.0

      The Hearts, Cards Game is the top winner game in android play store. The Super Class Game that youd have never seen before. Youll really love this game. ...

      Updated:2014-7-15 16:14:28

    • Batman Run

      Batman Run v1.1

      Help Batman escape the law and live to make another sequel. We hope you had fun with this great skill game! ...

      Updated:2014-7-9 20:18:25

    • Bike Addiction

      Bike Addiction v3.2

      Do you have a bike? Yes, I do have ! Share the passion for bike!. What do you expect? Download it now. Ei may be missing in the phone from a Biker! I always play this puzzle game! Love it! I am a Biker experimentatado I make mountain descents. Is Unsafe downl...

      Updated:2014-8-11 10:28:56

    • Duke Nukem 3D

      Duke Nukem 3D v12

      Duke is now free!!! o Controls are fully customizable - move buttons, sticks, where you want it! o Episode 1 included, episodes 2 and 3 can be purchased for 99c each THE ORIGINAL KING OF ACTION RETURNS! Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on stealin...

      Updated:2014-6-18 13:15:26

    • Stickman Creative Killer

      Stickman Creative Kill v1.3

      Your friend has been kidnapped. Can you rescue him by killing your captors one by one in this creative point-and-click adventure? Use your weapon and survival skills to escape from the creative kill chamber. Kill the enemy soldiers one by one. Be creative! Good luck and...

      Updated:2014-6-20 17:07:52

    • Glance and Memory Free

      Glance and Memory Free v1.0.3

      The game is an excellent and simple memory trainer with fun. Only memory masters can score the highest in global leaderboard. You have a very limited time to remember the numbers. By touching them in ascending order give you a great challenge to your short term memo...

      Updated:2014-6-17 19:01:06

    • Air Raid  Free

      Air Raid Free v1.4

      Air Raid Alien Invasion is a Sci-Fi flight shoot game. Three kinds of fighters with one wing plane for each, providing multiple choices for players to choose. In addition, various transformable Bosses with magnificent scenes enable players to experience an amazing space...

      Updated:2014-9-11 19:21:05

    • Look out!

      Look out! v1.1

      Look out! is very simple indie game. This is kind of experiment. The goal was to make as simple game as possible: - Very simple plot. - Simple graphics: only black and white, lines and circles. - Simple music: one melody, one instrument. - Simple gameplay: just tap ...

      Updated:2014-6-11 13:36:39

    • Kid Musical Toys

      Kid Musical Toys v1.1.5

      Fantasy kid musical toys , there are five fun and beauty toys . It is very easy kids games , play kid music and follow the rhythm with shaking it or touch it . This is fun and educational application that you can use to have your children learn the sounds of various mus...

      Updated:2014-6-6 13:35:03

    • Elemental: The Magic Key

      Elemental: The Magic K v0.1.2

      Enjoy a beautiful graphic and thrilling storyline. Try to win the battles against Elementals of Fire, Water, Earth, Energy, Air and Primary Nature. Solve ain-teasing puzzles and hunt for cleverly hidden items in a surprising world! Help a young magician in the hidden ...

      Updated:2014-5-29 18:26:56

    • APolloNA

      APolloNA v4.2

      APolloNA is the physics action puzzle game. Enjoy the ball control. With 50 levels and colorful settings, APolloNA offers enjoyment for your Android device. Features Unique physics-based game. Simple yet intricate puzzles. Progressive and challenging diffic...

      Updated:2014-5-27 18:11:39



      Stuntman Steve is a crazy stuntman who performs perilous tricks just for your entertainment! After years at the top he needs your help! Now experience the ultimate thrill of performing high-speed, daredevil stunts! Steve is always in pursuit of the next dangerous fr...

      Updated:2014-5-26 9:24:27

    • Blowup Zombie

      Blowup Zombie v2.5

      BLOWING UP THOSE ZOMBIES COMING CLOSE! A virus is spreading in the city and a lot of people turn into zombies and they occupied every place they could.You walk by and find that you are already in the middle of a large group of zombies and theres no way out unless you b...

      Updated:2014-5-21 15:22:37

    • Box Jump

      Box Jump v1.0

      Fresh design, simple game play , a new challenge! Touch the screen to let box jump over intactly. If you failed , you can always retry to challenge present level! No time limit , challenge yourself! ★★★ There is nothing pornographic, violent, bloody, or drug-relate...

      Updated:2014-5-20 12:11:10

    • Prison Break Jailbreak Games

      Prison Break Jailbreak v2.3.2

      An innocent person was jailed in prison for no reason and he has to stay there for the rest of his life for a bullshit unknow reason!! The prisoner decided to escape from prision in the dark night! But the prisoner has to prepare for this,he cant eak the prison without...

      Updated:2014-5-21 7:48:50

    • Special Forces Shooting

      Special Forces Shootin v1.0

      Alert, Alert! City is in danger! A gang of extremely dangerous terrorists are going to capture the city. As an elite sniper you should shoot down all the terrorists in various fighting areas and try to survive! Turn your android phone into a battle field and snipe all y...

      Updated:2014-5-16 6:35:38

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